27 March 2023

New visitor at CeBIL - Barbora Havlíková

1 February - 30 June 2023

Barbora is Czech lawyer and a doctoral student at the Faculty of law at the Charles University.  Barbora is participating in the Research Centre for Human Rights at the Charles University in Prague, which brings together junior and experienced researchers interested in the field of human rights. Barbora specialises in human rights issues related to health and life science (biotechnology). Barbora’s interest in the intersection of human rights and new technologies is reflected in her PhD project. 

Barbora’s PhD project focuses on human genome editing from the perspective of European protection of fundamental rights. The objective of her research is to analyse whether European human rights protect the future generations, in particular the human dignity of future generations, which is related to the autonomy to make decisions about their own health and life, and whether this protection of future generations is in compliance with the human genome editing technologies (and broadly speaking with the possibility of current generations to make reproductive choices which influence on genetic constitution of descendants). 

During her research stay at CeBIL, she would be pleased to share ideas and discuss related topics with members of CeBIL and get involved in CeBIL’s activities.