21 February 2023

New visitor at CeBIL - Marika Mäkinen

1 March - 30 april 2023

Marika Mäkinen is a doctoral student at Lund University, where she also is a part of an interdisciplinary research program ‘AIR Lund’ ('Artificially Intelligent Use of Registers'). Marika is specialized in Health Law as well as data protection related matters, and she is particularly interested in the interface between human rights and new technologies.

Marika’s research project concerns the principles of medical informed consent and the use of AI systems (or other complex technologies) in healthcare sector. More precisely, the research discusses two issues: 1) the information that the patient should be entitled to have when AI systems are used as diagnosing tools, and 2) whether the use of new technologies as diagnosing tools affect the existing doctrines of informed consent. To illustrate these issues in a concrete context, Marika will use a case that she has gotten from AIR Lund in her project.

Before starting her doctoral studies at Lund University, Marika has gained experience especially in data protection related matters. Right before starting her doctoral studies, she was working at the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman as a Senior Officer, where she focused on the cases related to social and health data. Before that, she worked at a law firm with data protection related matters. She also wrote her Master’s thesis on the secondary use of health data in 2019.

Marika is beyond excited to exchange ideas related to her project, discuss the above-mentioned topics  and engage herself in CeBIL activities.