20 February 2023

CeBIL Presentation at London School of Economics on Utility Model Protection in Danish Law

On 2 February 2023, CeBIL Director Timo Minssen gave a virtual talk on “UTILITY MODELS IN DANISH LAW” at the London School of Economics. Timo’s talk presented the Chapter on Denmark which he co-authors with Tine Sommer & Jens Schovsbo for a forthcoming book in the context of the Comparative International Utility Model Study (CIUMS) Project.  CIUMS is a collaboration between London School of Economics and the University of Utah- S.J. Quinney College of Law. CIUMS is led by  CeBIL Visiting scholar Jorge Contreras and others. The project workshop involved country reports from Denmark, France, China, South Korea and Japan and tackled research questions such structure, number, accessibility, process, users of utility models in each country and their relation to patents with a focus on challenges and solutions.