Stakeholder Interaction Group

A key aim of CeBIL is to deliver responsible research that impacts pressing health challenges. To enable the next generation of biomedical innovations, stakeholder engagement is essential to support collaborative research initiatives. In order to realise the public benefit objective of research and innovation, CeBIL aims to approach the innovation process in a holistic manner by recognising what motivates each stakeholder and ensuring each stakeholder receives the benefits they expect in exchange for their contribution. 

The Stakeholder Interaction Group gathers representatives from different stakeholder groups. Each stakeholder will help us in identifying and gaining a better understanding of challenges and opportunities from different perspectives in the translation process. Responsible research and innovation requires close cooperation between all stakeholders involved in the innovation process to reduce obstacles and support the ethical and safe implementation of new scientific developments.

The Stakeholder Interaction Group is a forum to help ensure that research and innovation are being conducted in a manner that is responsive to the values and interests of the public as well as the stakeholders. CeBIL recognises that stakeholders participate and collaborate with others in the innovation process, because they each have their own interests to pursue. Through collaboration, CeBIL helps de-risk the development of discoveries into innovations, and in doing so, reduce the overall costs to provide affordable access to therapies for the benefit of society.

For more information on the Stakeholder Interaction Group, please contact Timo Minssen, Director of CeBIL, at