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All research staff

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Abat Ninet, AntoniProfessor  +45 353-20850E-mail
Adamo, SilviaPostdoc  +45 353-31405E-mail
Adamo, SilviaPostdoc  +45 353-31405E-mail
Adamo, SilviaPostdoc  +45 353-31405E-mail
Adrian, LinAssistant professor  +45 353-23765E-mail
Afsah, EbrahimAssociate professor  +45 353-23153E-mail
Agerskov, Charlotte AmalieStudent  +45 353-31221E-mail
Agovic, AmraPhD student Pharmaceutical Patents and Competition Law +45 40 98 56 99E-mail
Aksenova, MarinaPostdoc  +45 353-37709E-mail
Alter-Hanson, Karen JillProfessor   E-mail
Andersen, Eigil Lego   E-mail
Andersen, Mads BrydeProfessor  International Private Law +45 353-23133E-mail
Andersen, Marlene Louise BuchPhD student  +45 353-20705E-mail
Andersen, Pernille BruunPhd student Copyright and the freedom of speech +45 353-31010E-mail
Anyshchenko, ArtemPhD fellow  +45 353-20710E-mail
Appazov, ArturPostdoc  +45 353-23343E-mail
Asmussen, Ida HelenePostdoc  +45 353-23140E-mail
Bager, Line LaustenStudent   E-mail
Ballaschk, JuliaPhd student Political control of intelligence agencies +45 353-23179E-mail
Balvig, FlemmingProfessor  +45 353-23325E-mail
Bang-Pedersen, Ulrik RammeskowProfessor  +45 353-23594E-mail
Baumbach, TrineAssociate Professor, Ph.D.  +45 353-23342E-mail
Baun, Line GudnitzStudent  +45 353-30886E-mail
Bay, Maria-Cecilie BolvigStudent  +45 353-32396E-mail
Bergqvist, ChristianAssociate Professor, Ph.D.  +45 353-24057E-mail
Bergthórsson, Andri FannarPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-21194E-mail
Bjørgvinsson, David ThorProfessor  +45 353-21312E-mail
Blomqvist, JørgenHonorary professor  +45 353-24050E-mail
Blume, PeterProfessor  +45 353-23107E-mail
Bo, CharlotteStudent  +45 353-30887E-mail
Borup, Emma MarieStudent  +45 353-37602E-mail
Boyle, Owen DavidPhD Student Corporate Social Responsibility +45 353-23176E-mail
Bramsen, Klaus SørensenStudent   E-mail
Broberg, MortenProfessor Professor in International Development Law +45 353-23196E-mail
Bruhn, KristianPhD student  +45 41 71 72 53E-mail
Butler, GrahamPhD fellow  +45 353-20570E-mail
Camphausen, MichaelProject Researcher  +45 353-23337E-mail
Carlson, Kerstin BreePostdoc  +45 353-33912E-mail
Carneiro, Marta Maria Amaro da C LPhd student Intersectional discrimination in the EU: taking the next step +45 353-23131E-mail
Caserta, SalvatorePh.d. Student  +45 353-23126E-mail
Cavaleri, Sylvie CécileAssistant Professor International contract law, construction law +45 353-23177E-mail
Christensen, Christian PlougResearch assistant  +45 353-33122E-mail
Christensen, Mikkel JarleAssistant Professor  +45 353-23109E-mail
Christiansen, NicolePhd student PhD student +45 353-33667E-mail
Clark, Nathan EdwardPhD fellow  +45 353-36826E-mail
Cullen, MiriamPhD Student Competing Imperatives: The United Nations Security Council and International Justice +45 353-23336E-mail
Dahl, BørgeProfessor  +45 353-37732E-mail
Dalsgaard, Jens ChristianStudent   E-mail
Damgaard, Anna Mygindstudentr employee student employee  E-mail
Daugaard, Anders TrebbienStudent  +45 353-32364E-mail
de Lima E Silva, CarolinePhD Fellow  +45 353-37720E-mail
Domurath, IrinaPhD fellow PhD Fellow +45 353-28871E-mail
Dothan, ShaiAssociate professor  +45 353-34893E-mail
Dworkin, Leo AlexanderIntern   
Døssing, Pernillestudent employee student employee  E-mail
Ebobrah, Solomon TamarabrakemiPostdoc  +45 353-36464E-mail
Ehlers, Andreas BlochAssistant professor  +45 353-23103E-mail
Eichel-Illum, JohanStudent assistant  +45 353-34879E-mail
Eklund, Christoffer TaisPhD student  +45 353-21003E-mail
Elgaard, Karina Kim EgholmPhD Student Interaction between Tax- and VAT concepts - Harmony or Conflict? +45 353-23121E-mail
Elgaard, Karina Kim EgholmPhD Student Interaction between Tax- and VAT concepts - Harmony or Conflict? +45 353-23786E-mail
Elsayed, Ahmed Mohamed AbdelfattahPhD fellow  +45 353-23627E-mail
Eneroth, ElisabethVisiting researcher Visiting researcher +45 353-37686
Fabbrini, FedericoAssociate professor  +45 353-34748E-mail
Faber, Berit AndersenPhD fellow  +45 353-20712E-mail
Faeh, Andrea BeataAssistant Professor Assistant Professor +45 353-37589E-mail
Falsner, Jacob Tobias RudePhD Student Problems in Labour Law related to hiring of Temporary Replacement Labour in Danish Companies +45 353-24385E-mail
Feldthusen, Rasmus KristianProfessor  +45 353-23198E-mail
Fenger, NielsProfessor Professor +45 353-23134E-mail
Frank, MortenPhD fellow  +45 353-36913E-mail
Frese, AmaliePhD student  +45 353-23112E-mail
Frost, KimSenior associate professor  +45 353-24384E-mail
Godzimirska, ZuzannaPhD fellow  +45 353-30883E-mail
Godzimirska, ZuzannaPhD fellow  +45 81 93 59 31E-mail
Gøtze, MichaelProfessor  +45 353-23178E-mail
Güntelberg, Heidi SteffensenPhD student International law, law of armed conflict and human rights in armed conflicts +45 353-24055E-mail
Hansen, Jesper LauProfessor, LL.M, Head of CCCL  +45 353-23195E-mail
Hansen, OleProfessor Construction Law +45 353-23596E-mail
Hartlev, MetteProfessor, Head of WELMA  +45 353-30750E-mail
Heide-Jørgensen, CarolineProfessor, dr. jur.  +45 353-23128E-mail
Henrichsen, Carsten MichaelProfessor, Head of CORA  +45 353-23104E-mail
Henriksen, AndersAssociate professor International law; use of force and the laws of armed conflicts +45 353-23217E-mail
Herbing, MichaelPhD fellow  +45 353-37237E-mail
Hernes, NannaStudent  +45 353-33726E-mail
Herping, Marie StentoftResearch assistant  +45 353-31435E-mail
Herrmann, Janne RothmarAssociate professor Associate professor of Biolaw +45 353-24383E-mail
Hjaltason, Peter KristianStudent  +45 353-32201E-mail
Hobololo, Vuyisile LaneleVisiting researcher Visiting researcher  
Holmberg, LarsAssociate professor Criminology +45 353-23333E-mail
Holtermann, Jakob v. H.Associate Professor in Legal Philosophy  +45 353-23954E-mail
Hu, ChenchenPhD student Behavioral Finance, Reform and Regulation of Financial Institutions and the Implications of... +45 35 22 31 56E-mail
Hyltén-Cavallius, Katarina Anna BPhD fellow  +45 353-37653E-mail
Jacobsen, Amanda LynnPhD student International human rights and international humantarian Law +45 353-23191E-mail
Jacqueson, CatherineAssociate professor  +45 353-23597E-mail
Jakobsen, Helene HøjfeldtStudent  +45 353-23734E-mail
Jemielniak, JoannaAssociate professor  +45 353-30895E-mail
Jenkins, Christopher DavidAssociate professor Comparative constitutional law +45 353-23166E-mail
Jensen, Astrid Hjorth   
Jensen, Astrid HjorthStudent  +45 353-32258E-mail
Johansen, Louise VictoriaPostdoc  +45 353-23197E-mail
Ketscher, KirstenProfessor, VIP WELMA  +45 353-23187E-mail
Kidde, RasmusStudent   E-mail
Kiel, Martine Stagelund KroghPhD student National regulering af sociale sikringsydelser i et fællesskabsretligt perspektiv +45 353-23171E-mail
Kielberg, Maja FiskerAcademic Officer  +45 353-37747E-mail
Kim, IrinaPhD fellow  +45 353-24053E-mail
Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, AstridAssistant Professor in Public Int. Law Public International Law +45 353-33879E-mail
Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, AstridAssistant professor  +45 353-33879E-mail
Kjær, Anne LiseAssociate Professor, Ph.D.  +45 353-23173E-mail
Klement, ChristianPhD student  +45 353-23685E-mail
Koch, HenningProfessor  +45 353-23115E-mail
Kokoulina, OlgaPhD Student Patents and standard setting - A comparative study of patent abuse in standard setting within the U.S. and European ICT industry +45 353-31017E-mail
Krarup, Mathias DahlerupPhD student   E-mail
Kristiansen, JensProfessor  +45 353-23175E-mail
Kronborg, AnnetteAssociate professor  +45 353-23136E-mail
Kruize, PeterAssociate professor   E-mail
Krumins, TomsPh.d. student   
Krunke, HelleProfessor Ph.D. og Director EU-Constitutional Law +45 353-24382E-mail
Kunce, AliusStudent  +45 353-32256E-mail
Kuner, Christopher BarthAffiliated associate professor   E-mail
Ladefoged, AnneStudent  +45 353-33690E-mail
Larsen, JessicaPhD student PhD Fellow +45 91 32 55 67E-mail
Larsen, Torsten BjørnPostdoc  +45 353-23172E-mail
Lauta, Kristian CedervallAssistant Professor in Law  +45 353-24381E-mail
Lauta, Kristian CedervallAssistant Professor in Law  +45 353-24381E-mail
Lev, AmnonAssociate Professor in Legal Philosophy  +45 353-23118E-mail
Levinsky, Tobias Peter SpangStudent  +45 353-35452E-mail
Lookofsky, JosephProfessor, dr.jur. Private, Commercial and Comparative Law +45 353-23135E-mail
Lund, Henrik StampeSenior Executive Consultant  +45 353-23332E-mail
Lund, UllaPh.d. student Prototypes in the preparation of law +45 353-23117E-mail
Lund-Andersen, IngridProfessor - Family and Succession Law Professor - Family and Succession Law +45 353-23151E-mail
Maaløe, Mette SaabyeStudent   E-mail
Madsen, Mikael RaskProfessor, Head of iCourts  +45 353-23199E-mail
Manaridou, EleniPh.d.-student State Aid in the European liberalised electricity market +45 353-23210E-mail
Marchuk, IrynaAssociate Professor of Criminal Law Head of PhD School. International and comparative criminal law, transnational financial crimes, immunities, state responsibility +45 353-23330E-mail
Martinez Fuentes, Maria CzestochowaPh.d. student "Liability for breach of European Public Procurement Rules: a proposal for a further coordination and /or harmonization of the rules on the liability +45 353-20764E-mail
Martinez Romera, BeatrizResearch assistant  +45 353-23180E-mail
Mayoral Diaz-Asensio, Juan AntonioPostdoc  +45 353-33648E-mail
Melse, ArinaPh.d. student   
Meng, XingchenStudent  +45 353-36646E-mail
Merrild, JakobStudent  +45 353-33702E-mail
Mikosa, ZanetaPh.d. student   E-mail
Miladinovic-Ramhøj, MiraPhD student Retslige forandringsprocesser i Marokko med valg af islamistisk regering, særlig kvinders retsstilling, set i et historisk og globalt perspektiv +45 353-23317E-mail
Minssen, TimoAssociate Professor Intellectual Property and Competition Law with a focus on Biotech & Pharmaceuticals  E-mail
Mirza, Kumm SabbaPhd student Honour and crimes +45 353-23190E-mail
Molina Clemente, Maria de las NPhD student Access to Justice and Reparation: The Right to Rehabilitation in International Criminal Law  E-mail
Mortensen, Bent Ole GramVisiting professor Visiting professor +45 24 37 73 34E-mail
Mortensen, Pernille JochimsStudent  +45 353-32244E-mail
Mortensen, PeterProfessor  +45 353-23598E-mail
Mose, Kirstine NordentoftStudent  +45 353-20643E-mail
Mouyal, Lone WandahlAssistant Professor International investment law and investment arbitration +45 353-24054E-mail
Mungianu, RobertaAssistant professor  +45 353-24060E-mail
Munro, Campbell Alexander OmoluayePhD student Mapping the Vertical Battlespace: Towards a Legal Cartography of Late Modern War +45 353-23515E-mail
Mussi, FrancescaVisiting researcher Visiting researcher  
Møllmann, AndersAssociate Professor in Maritime Law  +45 353-23139E-mail
Nacea, DianaPhD student PhD student +45 353-23559E-mail
Nacea, DianaPhd student PhD student +45 353-23559E-mail
Neergaard, UllaProfessor, Ph.D.  +45 353-23313E-mail
Nielsen, Anne BachStudent  +45 353-33312E-mail
Nielsen, Camilla SøbjergPh.d. student  +45 353-20763E-mail
Nielsen, Jens Erik KundbyPhD fellow Salvage law and aspect hereof before or after damage to the environment +45 353-20706E-mail
Nielsen, Jøren Ullits OlaiPhD fellow  +45 353-33857E-mail
Nielsen, LauraAssociate professor International Trade Law, World Trade Organization +45 353-23162E-mail
Nielsen, LindaProfessor, dr. jur. Professor of global law and governance. Topics include Finance, Banking law and Investment, CSR, ICT, Biolaw, Family Law, Inheritance Law and Pension Law +45 353-23123E-mail
Nielsen, Thomas PhilbertVisiting Researcher  +45 353-30319E-mail
Nielsen, Thomas PhilbertResearch assistant  +45 353-30319E-mail
Nordberg, AnaPost.Doc. Legal challenges of synthetic biology in an integrated perspective +45 353-23586E-mail
Nyaberi, Justry Patrick LumumbaPhD student The Quest of a universal declaration of environmental rights. An analysis of the role of a right based approach in protecting the environment. +45 353-23515E-mail
Odgaard, Rasmus MyssingStudent   E-mail
Olesen, Karsten NaundrupProfessor Law of Obligations, with focus on public sector marked activity +45 353-24056E-mail
Olsen, Céline E J L BrassartPhD student  +45 353-23157E-mail
P. Romano, CesareVisiting professor Visiting professor  
Pagh, PeterProfessor  +45 353-23127E-mail
Panagis, IoannisData specialist Data specialist +45 353-30885E-mail
Parmalingam, Priya DershiniPhD student PhD student  E-mail
Pedersen, Rasmus Peter SchouStudent  +45 23 23 99 97E-mail
Pedersen, TineStudent  +45 353-30334E-mail
Petersen, Clement SalungAssociate Professor Civil Procedure and Intellectual Property Law +45 353-23144E-mail
Petersen, HanneProfessor  +45 353-23132E-mail
Poulsen, Sune TroelsAssociate professor  +45 353-23125E-mail
Rajam, NeethuPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-20713E-mail
Raju, EmmanuelPostdoc  +45 353-23733E-mail
Rasmussen, Sofia CerqueiraStudent   E-mail
Rattleff, PernilleAssociate professor  +45 353-30312E-mail
Rattleff, PernilleAssociate professor  +45 353-30312E-mail
Riis, ThomasProfessor, dr. jur.  +45 353-23122E-mail
Rosenmeier, MortenProfessor  +45 353-23161E-mail
Rott, Peter WernerAssociate professor Associate professor  E-mail
Rubin, AnnePhD student   E-mail
Rytter, Jens EloProfessor,  +45 353-23101E-mail
Rønne, AnitaAssociate professor  +45 353-23102E-mail
Rønsholdt, SteenProfessor  +45 353-23114E-mail
Sabir, Jacob Babur KalyalStudent   E-mail
Sadl, UrskaAss. Prof. European Constitutional Law  +45 353-23221E-mail
Sano, Jannik SkadhaugeStudent  +45 353-33729E-mail
Schaap, Dorian PeterVisiting researcher Visiting researcher  
Schack, MarcPhD student International criminal law, public international law, specifically the International Criminal Court and the "Responsibility to Protect" Doctrine +45 353-33186E-mail
Schaldemose, Kristoffer KrohnStudent   E-mail
Schovsbo, Jens HemmingsenProfessor  +45 353-23124E-mail
Schwemer, Sebastian FelixPhD student Digital content Licensing +45 353-31016E-mail
Schäfke, WernerPostdoc  +45 353-33741E-mail
Semanda, FreyaPhD student  +45 353-31539E-mail
Semmelmann, ConstanzeAss. Prof. in EU Law and competition Law  +45 353-21589E-mail
Semmelmann, ConstanzeAss. Prof. in EU Law and competition Law  +45 353-21589E-mail
Skovsted, David SteenStudent  +45 353-36748E-mail
Smith, Eva  +45 353-23146E-mail
Stevnsborg, HenrikProfessor  +45 353-23168E-mail
Sørensen, IvanAssociate professor Insurance Law +45 353-23152E-mail
Taheri Abkenar, AzadPhD fellow  +45 353-36912E-mail
Tamm, DitlevProfessor  +45 353-23167E-mail
Tanaka, YoshifumiProfessor in Law of the Sea  +45 353-23163E-mail
Tang, Yi ShinAssistant Professor  +45 353-24063E-mail
Taye, Mihreteab TsighePhD student  +45 353-21553E-mail
Teubner, Gunther Max CurtVisiting Professor  +45 353-31727E-mail
Thisted, Katrine VedelStudent  +45 353-33732E-mail
Thystrup, Amalie GiødesenPhD fellow  +45 353-33461E-mail
Treumer, SteenProfessor  +45 353-23224E-mail
Tsifopoulou, EiriniPhD student Energy Law, Climate Law, Environmental Law, Renewable Energy +45 353-23185E-mail
Tufte-Kristensen, Johan KristianPhD fellow Conflicts of interest in arbitration +45 353-32735E-mail
Tupasela, Aaro MikaelAssociate professor  +45 353-20586E-mail
Udsen, HenrikProfessor, Head of CIIR IT Law +45 353-23192E-mail
Ulaganathan Ravindran, AravamudhanPhD Student   E-mail
Ulfbeck, Vibe GarfProfessor, Head of CEVIA Tort Law, Maritime Law, Transport Law +45 353-23148E-mail
Utoft, Carolina AlvarezPhD student  +45 353-23250E-mail
Van Vooren, BartAssistant professor   E-mail
Vestergaard, JørnProfessor Criminal law, international criminal law and procedure, EU criminal law +45 21 60 26 80E-mail
Vindeløv, VibekeProfessor  +45 353-23116E-mail
Vogt, HelleAssociate professor  +45 353-23165E-mail
von Eyben, Bo EdlerProfessor  +45 353-23137E-mail
Wallberg, KnudPhD student   E-mail
Wested, JakobPhD fellow  +45 353-31003E-mail
Wind, MarleneProfessor  +45 353-23203E-mail
Xiang, WenPostdoc  +45 353-31014E-mail
Yu, Helen Wing-HaPhD student Compulsory licensing of patents and competition law in the pro technology transfer context: Balancing the interests of research and commercialization.  E-mail
Zastrow, Julie-Enni AndreaVisiting Researcher   
Ó Cathaoir, Katharina EvaPhD fellow  +45 353-28133E-mail
Ørsted, CharlotteStudent  +45 353-33697E-mail
Østrup, AnnePhD student International Law Conceptions of State Identity Tested against State Practice  E-mail
Ünüvar, GünesPhD student PhD Student +45 353-23206E-mail