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All research staff

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Abat Ninet, AntoniProfessor Comparative Constitutional Law, Legal Theory, Constitutionalism +45 353-20850E-mail
Abrahamsen, Marie HerpingPhD student  +45 353-30527E-mail
Adamo, SilviaAssociate professor  +45 353-31405E-mail
Adler-Nissen, SignePhD student PhD student +45 353-37810E-mail
Adrian, LinAssociate professor  +45 353-23765E-mail
Afsah, EbrahimAssociate professor International Law, Constitutional Law, Islamic Law, International Relations +45 353-23153E-mail
Aksenova, MarinaPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-37709E-mail
Alaminos, Barbara DiazPhD student  +45 353-31382E-mail
Albris, KristofferPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-20485E-mail
Alter-Hanson, Karen JillVisiting professor  +45 353-32887E-mail
Andersen, Eigil LegoAffiliate Professor   E-mail
Andersen, Mads BrydeProfessor  International Private Law +45 353-23133E-mail
Andersen, Marlene Louise BuchPostdoc  +45 353-20705E-mail
Andrecka, MartaAssistant professor public procurement, sustainability, CSR +45 353-35471E-mail
Anyshchenko, ArtemResearch assistant Research assistant +45 353-20710E-mail
Appazov, ArturPostdoc  +45 353-23343E-mail
Asmussen, Ida HeleneAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-23140E-mail
Bager, Anna-Sophie EmilieStudent assistant  +45 353-33845E-mail
Balvig, FlemmingProfessor emeritus Crimonology +45 21 69 39 50E-mail
Bang-Pedersen, Ulrik RammeskowProfessor  +45 353-23594E-mail
Baumbach, TrineHead of centre Head of CORA +45 353-23342E-mail
Baun, Line GudnitzStudent assistant  +45 353-30886E-mail
Ben Soltane, Monia FleischerPhD student PhD Fellow +45 353-35509E-mail
Berg, Adrian AdlerStudent   E-mail
Bergenfelt, KjeldGuest researcher  +45 353-34351E-mail
Bergqvist, ChristianAssociate professor  +45 353-24057E-mail
Bilstrup, Rasmus HeibergPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-37099E-mail
Blomqvist, JørgenAffiliate Professor  +45 353-24050E-mail
Blume, PeterProfessor  +45 353-23107E-mail
Borup, Emma MarieProject student  +45 353-37602E-mail
Bottero, MatteoPhD student European Economic Law, European Labour Law +45 353-35468E-mail
Bramsen, Klaus SørensenStudent  +45 353-35451E-mail
Broberg, MortenProfessor Professor in International Development Law +45 353-23196E-mail
Butler, GrahamGuest researcher European Union Law +45 353-20570E-mail
Buus, JesperPhD student PhD student +45 353-32465E-mail
Byrne, William HamiltonPhD student PhD Student +45 353-37799E-mail
Carlson, Kerstin BreeGuest researcher   E-mail
Caserta, SalvatorePostdoc  +45 353-23126E-mail
Caspersen, Anders Svane RestorffStudent  +45 353-34133E-mail
Cavaleri, Sylvie CécileAssistant professor International contract law, construction law +45 353-23147E-mail
Cebulak, PolaPostdoc  +45 353-33898E-mail
Christensen, Karen LønneStudent  +45 353-30868E-mail
Christensen, Mikkel JarleAssociate professor Associate Professor in Law +45 353-23109E-mail
Christiansen, NicolePhD student PhD student +45 353-33667E-mail
Christoffersen, Victor GranslevStudent  +4535326291E-mail
Clark, Nathan EdwardResearch assistant  +45 353-36826E-mail
Clark, Nathan EdwardPhD student  +45 353-36826E-mail
Cullen, MiriamAssistant professor Assistant Professor in climate and migration law. +45 353-23336E-mail
Dahl, Børge  +45 353-37732E-mail
Dalsgaard, Jens ChristianProject student  +45 353-34150E-mail
de Lima e Silva, CarolinePhD student  +45 353-37720E-mail
Dothan, ShaiAssociate professor  +45 353-34893E-mail
Ehlers, Andreas BlochAssociate professor  +45 353-23103E-mail
Eklund, Christoffer TaisResearch assistant  +45 353-21003E-mail
Elgaard, Karina Kim EgholmAssistant professor  +45 353-23786E-mail
Esmark, MagnusStudent  +45 353-31778E-mail
Ewers, Kirstine FalkenbergStudent  +45 353-35452E-mail
Faber, Berit AndersenPhD student  +45 353-20712E-mail
Faber, Berit AndersenResearch assistant  +45 353-20712E-mail
Faustinelli, Elisa MariaPhD student  +45 353-33245E-mail
Feldthusen, Rasmus KristianProfessor  +45 353-23198E-mail
Fenger, NielsProfessor Professor +45 353-23134E-mail
Fini, Sara KathrinePhD fellow PhD student +45 353-34339E-mail
Fink, Anna Louise LundsgaardPhD student PhD student +45 353-36124E-mail
Frank, MortenPhD student  +45 353-36913E-mail
Freeland, Steven RobertVisiting Researcher   
Frese, AmalieResearch assistant Research assistant +45 353-23112E-mail
Frey, Stine HellqvistProject student  +45 353-20645E-mail
Friis, Emilie KatrinePhD student PhD student +45 353-32902E-mail
Frost, KimAssociate professor  +45 353-24384E-mail
Gasbarri, LorenzoGuest researcher   E-mail
Gates, Nicholas Mac PheeStudent  +45 353-32019E-mail
Gausdal, Maria Edith LindholmPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-37085E-mail
Gleeson, ClaudiaStudent  +45 353-37298E-mail
Glinski, CarolaPostdoc  +45 353-33359E-mail
Godzimirska, ZuzannaPhD student  +45 353-30883E-mail
Gredal, Anja Lindberg  +45 353-34532E-mail
Gredal, Anja LindbergAcademic Officer  +45 353-34532E-mail
Gøtze, MichaelProfessor  +45 353-23178E-mail
Hansen, Emilie Mundbjerg BachStudent   E-mail
Hansen, Jesper LauProfessor  +45 353-23195E-mail
Hansen, OleProfessor Private Law. Contract Law. Construction Law +45 353-23596E-mail
Hansen, StinaProject student  +45 353-34058E-mail
Hartlev, MetteDirector of centre, professor  +45 353-30750E-mail
Heide-Jørgensen, CarolineProfessor  +45 353-23128E-mail
Helfer, LauranceVisiting Researcher   
Henrichsen, Carsten MichaelProfessor emeritus  +45 353-23104E-mail
Henriksen, AndersHead of centre International law; use of force and the laws of armed conflicts +45 353-23217E-mail
Herbing, MichaelPhD student State Aid, Public Procurement, SGEI, European Union Law +45 353-37237E-mail
Herrmann, Janne RothmarAssociate professor Associate professor of Biolaw +45 353-34108E-mail
Hilal-Harvald, MalthePhD student Comparative Constitutional Law, Public International Law +45 353-37158E-mail
Hjaltason, Peter KristianPhD student PhD Fellow +45 353-30950E-mail
Hofgaard, Anja Riis TüchsenPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Holmberg, LarsAssociate professor Criminology +45 353-23333E-mail
Holtermann, Jakob v. H.Associate professor  +45 353-23954E-mail
Horváthová, AlexandraAssistant professor Corporate law +45 353-34215E-mail
Hovden, KatarinaPhD student Legal Theory, Environmental Law, Human Rights +45 353-33865E-mail
Hvidt, Martine StagelundAssistant professor  +45 353-23171E-mail
Hyltén-Cavallius, Katarina European Union citizenship, European Union Free Movement Law +45 353-37653E-mail
Hølmkjær, Maiken StensgaardStudent  +45 353-36780E-mail
Jacobsen, Amanda Lynn International human rights and international humantarian Law +45 353-23191E-mail
Jacqueson, CatherineAssociate professor  +45 353-23597E-mail
Jemielniak, JoannaAssociate professor  +45 353-30895E-mail
Jensen, ChristinaGuest researcher Visiting researcher  
Joensen, Rebecca FinkStudent  +45 353-33875E-mail
Johansen, Louise VictoriaAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-23197E-mail
Kambjerre, Andreas SamsPhD student PhD student +45 353-36753E-mail
Kass, AnnaPhD student PhD Student +45 353-32498E-mail
Kerr, Helena RoseStudent  +45 353-35366E-mail
Kerrigan, Fergus AnthonyPhD student  +45 353-34731E-mail
Ketscher, KirstenProfessor  +45 353-23186E-mail
Kianzad, BehrangPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-33907E-mail
Kidde, RasmusProject student  +45 353-34665E-mail
Kielberg, Maja FiskerPhD student PhD student +45 353-37747E-mail
Kiilerich, Sara Simone KortelainenStudent  +45 353-30342E-mail
Kiilerich, Sara Simone KortelainenStudent assistant  +45 353-30342E-mail
Kim, IrinaPhD student  +45 353-24053E-mail
Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, AstridAssociate professor Public International Law +45 353-33879E-mail
Kjær, Anne LiseAssociate professor  +45 353-23173E-mail
Klinge, SunePhD student Constitutional Law, European Union Constitutional Law, European Union Law +45 353-32073E-mail
Klinge, Ulla CallesenPhD student PhD student +45 353-33956E-mail
Koch, HenningProfessor emeritus  +45 353-23115E-mail
Kokoulina, OlgaGuest researcher Visiting researcher +45 353-35055E-mail
Kollmar, Christy LynnePhD student PhD student  E-mail
Komárek, JanProfessor Professor +45 353-34354E-mail
Kristiansen, JensProfessor  +45 353-23175E-mail
Kruize, PeterAssociate professor Associate professor +45 353-28051E-mail
Kruize, PeterAssociate professor Associate professor +45 353-28051E-mail
Krumins, TomsPhD student  +45 353-34019E-mail
Krunke, HelleProfessor Head of PhD School - Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, European Union Constitutional Law, European Union Law +45 353-24382E-mail
Kuner, Christopher BarthAffiliate associate professor   E-mail
Kurnosov, DmitryPhD student PhD Fellow +45 353-33705E-mail
Kutay, Riza AcarPostdoc  +45 353-33536E-mail
Ladefoged, AnneGuest researcher  +45 353-33690E-mail
Larsen, Jessica  +45 353-36639E-mail
Lauta, Kristian CedervallAssociate professor  +45 353-24381E-mail
Lev, AmnonAssociate professor Foundations of public law/public international law, Eruopean federalism, war and civility +45 353-23118E-mail
Liu, Hin-YanAssociate professor  +45 353-37696E-mail
Lookofsky, JosephProfessor emeritus  +45 353-23135E-mail
Lorion, Sebastien NicolasPhD student PhD fellow +45 353-32982E-mail
Lund, Henrik StampeSenior executive adviser  +45 353-23332E-mail
Lund-Andersen, IngridProfessor Professor - Family and Succession Law +45 353-23151E-mail
Løvstrøm, Ann KristinStudent  +45 353-25396E-mail
Maas, MatthijsPhD student PhD student  E-mail
Madsen, Mikael RaskDirector of centre, professor  +45 353-23199E-mail
Madsen, Rasmus GludProject student  +45 353-37069E-mail
Manili, Sofia Regina LaustenStudent   E-mail
Marchuk, IrynaAssociate professor International and comparative criminal law, transnational financial crimes, immunities, state responsibility +45 353-23330E-mail
Marcussen, KirstenPhD student PhD student +45 61 63 54 44E-mail
Martens, Phillip BallieuProject student  +45 353-34692E-mail
Martinez Romera, BeatrizAssistant professor Environmental law and climate change +45 353-23180E-mail
Mayoral Diaz-Asensio, Juan AntonioAssistant professor Asistant professor +45 353-33648E-mail
Means, MatiasProject student  +45 353-37393E-mail
Meng, XingchenProject student  +45 353-36646E-mail
Messmann, Helene SofieStudent assistant  +45 353-31441E-mail
Minssen, TimoProfessor Intellectual Property and Competition Law with a focus on Biotech & Pharmaceuticals +46708607517E-mail
Mortensen, PeterProfessor  +45 353-23598E-mail
Mouyal, Lone WandahlAssistant professor International investment law and investment arbitration +45 353-24054E-mail
Mouyal, Lone WandahlAssistant professor International investment law and investment arbitration +45 353-24054E-mail
Møller, JensAffiliate Professor   E-mail
Møllmann, AndersAssociate professor  +45 353-23139E-mail
Neergaard, UllaProfessor  +45 353-23313E-mail
Nielsen, Flemming GerhardtProject staff Smart City Project +45 353-36555E-mail
Nielsen, Jøren Ullits OlaiPhD student  +45 353-33857E-mail
Nielsen, LindaProfessor Professor of global law and governance. Topics include Finance, Banking law and Investment, CSR, ICT, Biolaw, Family Law, Inheritance Law and Pension Law +45 353-23123E-mail
Nordberg, AnaAssistant professor  +45 353-23586E-mail
Nyborg, Tobias JanusStudent  +45 353-34552E-mail
Odermatt, JedPostdoc  +45 353-33655E-mail
Olesen, Karsten NaundrupProfessor Law of Obligations, with focus on public sector marked activity +45 353-24056E-mail
Olsen, Céline E J L BrassartPhD student  +45 353-23157E-mail
Orbæk, Andreas JuelStudent  +45 353-30607E-mail
Pagh, PeterProfessor  +45 353-23127E-mail
Panagis, IoannisData specialist Data specialist +45 353-30885E-mail
Parker, Louise ThiilVisitor   E-mail
Parmalingam, Priya DershiniPhD student   
Pedersen, Anja MøllerPhD student PhD student +45 353-36697E-mail
Pedersen, KimGuest researcher Visiting researcher +45 353-30882E-mail
Petersen, Annika FridaPhD student PhD Student +45 353-34775E-mail
Petersen, Clement SalungAssociate professor Civil Procedure and Enforcement of the Law. Course Director in Civil Procedure. +45 353-23144E-mail
Petersen, HanneProfessor Head of CECS - Legal Cultures +45 353-23132E-mail
Porsdam, HelleProfessor  +45 353-31522E-mail
Rajam, NeethuPhD student PhD fellow +45 353-20713E-mail
Raju, EmmanuelAssistant professor  +45 353-23733E-mail
Rasmussen, Esben KorsgaardTrainee  +45 353-34467E-mail
Rasmussen, Katrine BarnekowPhD student PhD Student +45 353-34799E-mail
Rasmussen, Katrine BarnekowPhD student PhD Student +45 353-34799E-mail
Ratniece, LauraPhD student PhD student +45 353-36302E-mail
Ravindran, Aravamudhan UlaganathanPhD student International Investment Arbitration, The Rule of Law and Policy +45 353-35395E-mail
Resen, StineStudent  +45 353-33613E-mail
Riis, ThomasProfessor  +45 353-23122E-mail
Roberti di Sarsina, JacopoGuest researcher   E-mail
Robertson, Fiona Margaret JadeStudent  +45 353-32327E-mail
Rognlien, Ida GundersbyPhD student PhD Student +45 353-32891E-mail
Rosenmeier, MortenProfessor  +45 353-23161E-mail
Rosén, Frederik FerdinandAssociate professor  +45 353-36943E-mail
Rytter, Jens EloProfessor Human Rights, Constitutional Law +45 353-23101E-mail
Rønne, AnitaAssociate professor  +45 353-23102E-mail
Rønsholdt, SteenProfessor emeritus  +45 353-23114E-mail
Sabir, Jacob Babur KalyalStudent assistant   E-mail
Sadl, UrskaAssociate professor, European constitutional law  +45 353-23221E-mail
Sausdal, David BrehmVisiting PhD fellow   E-mail
Schovsbo, Jens HemmingsenProfessor  +45 353-23124E-mail
Schultz, Julie Miriam GrodtStudent  +45 353-31380E-mail
Schwemer, Sebastian FelixIndustrial Postdoc Internet, Emerging Tech & Society +45 353-31016E-mail
Schäfer, AndersPhD student PhD student +45 353-34053E-mail
Schäfke, WernerAssistant professor assistant professor +45 353-33741E-mail
Semenov, VadymPhD student PhD Fellow +45 353-34437E-mail
Skordas, AchillesProfessor  +45 353-34826E-mail
Skovsted, David SteenProject student  +45 353-32131E-mail
Smith, EvaProfessor emerita  +45 353-23146E-mail
Soave, TommasoGuest researcher  +45 353-35829E-mail
Solnes, ValgerdurPhD student PhD Student +45 353-32309E-mail
Solnes, ValgerdurPhD fellow PhD Student +45 353-32309E-mail
Stanescu, Catalin-GabrielPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-34365E-mail
Stevnsborg, HenrikProfessor  +45 353-23168E-mail
Storgaard, ThomasVisiting Researcher  +45 353-35537E-mail
Tamm, DitlevProfessor  +45 353-23167E-mail
Tanaka, YoshifumiProfessor  +45 353-23163E-mail
Tang, Yi ShinGuest researcher  +45 353-24063E-mail
Thystrup, Amalie GiødesenPhD Fellow  +45 353-33461E-mail
Trabucco, Meghan Faye LenaPhD student  +45 353-28032E-mail
Treumer, SteenProfessor  +45 353-23224E-mail
Tufte-Kristensen, JohanResearch assistant Dispute Resolution and Procedural Law +45 353-32735E-mail
Udsen, HenrikDirector of centre, professor IT Law +45 353-23192E-mail
Ulfbeck, Vibe GarfDirector of centre, professor Tort Law, Maritime Law, Transport Law +45 353-23148E-mail
Ulrich, Jonathan Caspar MeinolfStudent  +4535326256E-mail
Usynin, MaximPhD student  +45 353-34003E-mail
Utoft, Carolina AlvarezPhD fellow  +45 353-23250E-mail
van der Donk, Berdien B EProject student  +45 353-34846E-mail
Van Rompaey, LéonardPhD student  +45 353-36933E-mail
Van Vooren, BartAffiliate associate professor   E-mail
Vestergaard, JørnProfessor Criminal law, international criminal law and procedure, EU criminal law +45 21 60 26 80E-mail
Villaça, Ana Carolina AlvesGuest researcher  +45 353-31978E-mail
Vindeløv, VibekeProfessor emerita  +45 353-23116E-mail
Vogt, HelleAssociate professor  +45 353-23165E-mail
Volquartzen, MettePhD student PhD student +45 353-34920E-mail
Wallberg, KnudPostdoc  +45 353-24352E-mail
Wanigasuriya, Budhimali AlokaPhD student PhD student +45 353-34553E-mail
Weigel, PawelStudent  +45 353-25307E-mail
Wesenberg-Lund, SignePhD student PhD Student +45 353-33514E-mail
Wested, JakobResearch assistant Research assistant +45 353-31003E-mail
Wested, JakobResearch assistant Research assistant +45 353-31003E-mail
Wind, MarleneVisiting Professor   E-mail
Winther, Thomas KyhlPhD Fellow PhD student +45 353-36026E-mail
Xiang, WenPostdoc  +45 353-31014E-mail
Yu, HelenPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-34238E-mail
Zhang, GengPhD student PhD student (guest)  E-mail
Ó Cathaoir, Katharina EvaPostdoc  +45 353-28133E-mail
Østrup, AnnePhD student  +45 353-23591E-mail
Ünüvar, GünesPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-23206E-mail