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Katarina Hovden

Katarina Hovden

PhD Student

  • PhD programme

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København S, Søndre Campus, Building: 6A-4-37

    Phone: +45 35 33 38 65

Member of:

    Current research

    Working title of PhD project:

    "Taking Rights of Nature and Human Rights Seriously: On Balancing Rights of Nature and Human Rights in an Earth-centred Legal Paradigm"

    Katarina Hovden’s PhD project will explore the rights of nature - human rights interface. The project (i) will assess how rights of nature and human rights are to be balanced in existing rights of nature laws (and the legal systems in which they have been adopted) and (ii) seeks to build on theoretical scholarship by developing a systems-theoretical approach to balancing the rights of nature and human rights in an Earth-centred legal paradigm, i.e. in a manner that respects both the rights of nature and human rights while according primacy to the sustainability (i.e. survivability) of the biosphere and its ecological systems.

    Supervisor: Professor Helle Krunke

    Co-supervisor: Professor Louis Kotzé

    Primary fields of research

    • Rights of Nature
    • Human rights
    • Legal rights
    • Ecological sustainability
    • Ecological philosophy
    • Ecological law / Earth-centred law / Earth Jurisprudence
    • Interdisciplinary research, in particular (social) systems theory

    ID: 183888108