Digital Construction Law

Digital systems for governance of construction projects are currently evolving rapidly. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other digital tools seem to facilitate an increased integration between individual businesses, thereby challenging traditional contract models and fundamental principles of e.g. contract- and procurement law, intellectual property law and civil procedure. The research project aims to identify and analyze the legal implications of digitalization and BIM in Danish and international construction project settings.

Digital construction drawing

The research project Digital Construction Law  (2018-2022) is carried out in collaboration between CEPRI and prominent stakeholders in the construction industry. It is funded by Realdania, The Danish Industry Foundation and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority.







The research project comprises:

  • Ten article projects carried out by legal practitioners active in the construction industry and in specialized advisory circles between 2018 and 2021. While working on their projects, the authors are integrated into CEPRI’s research environment.

  • One PhD project carried out in collaboration between CEPRI and the law firm Kammeradvokaten by attorney-at-law Nicolaus Falk-Scheibel between 2018 and 2022.

  • Two large international articles concerning digitalization and construction law drafted by Professor, dr. jur. Ole Hansen and Associate Professor, PhD Sylvie Cécile Cavaleri.





The subproject BIM-Int. is funded by the Danish Transport-, Construction- and Housing Authority, the Confederation of Danish Industry and a group of highly specia­lized legal advisors and construction market actors. BIM-Int. focus primarily on the use of BIM international transactions.

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Internal researchers

Name Title Image
Cavaleri, Sylvie Cécile Associate Professor Billede af Cavaleri, Sylvie Cécile
Hansen, Ole Professor Billede af Hansen, Ole

External partners

  • MT-Højgaard A/S
  • Molt Wengel (Law firm)
  • Bruun og Hjejle (Law firm)
  • Horten (Law firm)
  • Sirius Advokater (Law firm)
  • Plesner (Law firm)
  • Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith – Kammeradvokaten (Law firm)
  • Viltoft (Law Firm)
  • Copenhagen Airports A/S


RealdaniaThe Confederation of Danish Industry – DI logo
The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority

Digital Construction Law has received a four year funding from RealdaniaDI - The Confederation of Danish Industry and The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority

Project: Digital Construction Law

Period: 2018 – 2022


Ole HansenPI Professor, dr. jur. 
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