27 February 2024

PhD Fellow Nine Riis receives Elite Research Travel Grant

Nine Riis

Travel grants for talented PhD students

On 26 February 2024, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science awarded 18 Elite Research Travel Grants to talented PhD Students enrolled at Danish universities. The Elite Research Travel Grants provide PhD students with the opportunity of a research stay in a strong academic research environment abroad, thereby promoting young researchers as representatives of Danish research internationally.  

One of the first research projects to examine B2B data contracts

Nine’s PhD projects examines the conformity assessment in B2B data contracts. The last decade’s surge in data and data-driven technologies has induced companies to procure data from external sources through data contracts. Yet, almost no research investigating B2B data contracts exists. Data exhibits characteristics different from the physical assets that have traditionally been the focus of contract law. Therefore, it is uncertain how B2B data contracts should be drafted and how they will be interpreted by the judiciary.

Nine’s PhD project fills this research gap by examining the conformity assessment in three distinct European jurisdictions (Germany, Denmark, and England). The project is one of the first research projects in Europe to shed light on the contractual rules for B2B data contracts de lege lata, thereby aiding the judiciary in future cases as well as companies drafting data contracts.

Representing the Danish legal research community abroad

The Elite Research Travel Grant offers Nine the opportunity to travel to England and Germany to deepen her understanding of the two jurisdictions. Comparative contract law necessitates a thorough understanding of all examined jurisdictions and the very best way to achieve such an understanding is by becoming a part of the different research environments.