8 March 2023

New Publication of the Textbook on the Law of the Sea

This new edition has been revised and updated to provide current and comprehensive coverage of essential issues of the international law of the sea in a systematic manner. This book presents two paradigms of the law of the sea: the law of divided oceans and the law of our common ocean. It covers contemporary issues, such as protection of the marine biological diversity, marine plastic pollution, the Arctic, and impacts of climate change on the oceans. Following the clear and accessible approach of previous editions, with many illustrations and tables, The International Law of the Sea continues to help students to best understand the law of the sea.

  • Presents an accessible and systematic overview of the international law of the sea
  • Offers students, instructors, and practitioners comprehensive coverage of key issues, relevant treaties, jurisprudence and State practice concerning marine affairs
  • Provides a perspective on development of international law of the sea

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