4 July 2023

Double grant success for waste and circular economy law research

Dr Katrien Steenmans, postdoc on the Circular Supply Chains – identifying legal risks (CirCus) project, has been awarded two small grants.

Dr Allison Lindner at University College London (UCL), UK, was granted an internal UCL-VDI Leadership Fund grant of almost GBP 5.000 , with Dr Katrien Steenmans as the international collaborator, to host the ‘ECR Waste Law Workshop: Preventing the “Wasting” of Waste’ in London on 4 and 5 July 2023. This project has a three-fold aim: (1) to solidify and develop the Waste Law Reading Group (WLRG) network; (2) produce a Special Issue on waste law (to be guest edited by Katrien, Allison and Prof Rosalind Malcolm); and (3) facilitate the planning of future activities (including further grant proposals) of the WLRG.

Together with Dr Michael Picard at the University of Edinburgh, UK, Katrien was also awarded an Edinburgh – Copenhagen Strategic Partnership Seed Fund award (of almost DKK 100.000 from the University of Copenhagen and almost GBP 10.000 from the University of Edinburgh). This seed fund supports the development of joint projects that will strengthen both universities’ growing bilateral partnership. This particular project aims to develop a legal review of the circular economy – in which waste is prevented and resource use minimised, or alternatively wastes are reused, recycled or recovered, for the purpose of sustainable development – by drawing on expertise across the Universities of Edinburgh and Copenhagen.