Public BioTrade Seminar: Transnational Biodiversity Protection

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We face an alarming rate of biodiversity loss, deforestation and ecosystem degradation globally, which is closely linked to transnational value chains. For example, more than 50% of the European Union’s ecological footprint is caused abroad, and EU imports are responsible for around 16 % of tropical deforestation (2005-2017). Thus, the seminar addresses the related challenges for biodiversity protection in a globalised world.

In particular, it analyses the complexities of trade related biodiversity loss and the answers and challenges of trade law for biodiversity protection. It further addresses biodiversity protection in supply chain laws and analyses the challenges for the concretisation of protection requirements, for implementation abroad and for enforcement. It looks closer at different approaches to biodiversity protection, and how they can be applied by European companies. Last but not least, it addresses the interrelation between human rights and biodiversity protection and the related requirements for European States and enterprises.

The seminar is part of the BioTrade network project funded by the Danish Innovation Fund and Biodiversa+, with partners from the Finnish Environment Institute, Bern University, Switzerland, and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Sweden.

Everybody is invited to participate.


9:30 Trade law and biodiversity loss: Dissentangling the complexities for effective policy action
(Irene Musselli, Gabi Sonderegger, Elisabeth Buergi, University of Bern)
10:10   Biodiversity protection in supply chain laws: Challenges for concretisation and enforcement
(Carola Glinski, University of Copenhagen)
10:50 Coffee break
11:10  Biodiversity offsets and alternative approaches to biodiversity conservation in Finland and Colombia
(Anna Ott, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE))
11:50 Human rights and biodiversity in an interconnected earth
(Claudia Ituarte Lima, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund)
12:30 Lunch


For participation in the event please use this registration form no later than 15 September 2023 10:00.