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Explore the latest developments from the Copenhagen Legal Tech Lab and our community.


Start-up law is a must for any innovation to transform from an idea to a thriving business.

We share a series of videos of our Associate Professor Alexandra Andhov and legal tech enthusiast Nicholas Hawtin on start-up law.

Learn about the pain points of all start-ups:

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The Legal Tech Academy is a community focused on legal tech and innovation initiated by Associate Professor Alexandra Andhov and the Danish legal tech company Contractbook. The aim of the Legal Tech Academy is to create a platform and space, where the most important trends within the legal industry and technology are discussed and analysed. We invite, researchers, practitioners and industry specialists to share their knowledge, opinions and visions. By creating this space we hope to spread the knowledge and support innovation among law students, junior lawyers and other legal professionals. The Legal Tech Academy frequently organises webinars, talks and presentations, so be sure to check all upcoming events at our events overview. These webinars are turned into small videos, podcasts and whitepapers.


Technology has changed how we work, consume, and play. Now it is changing the law. It affects the legal and compliance industries worldwide, and while many of us are waiting to see where it goes, considerable change is already taking place.

Law, Technology and Trust addressed many of the core challenges we face as lawyers, businesspeople, lawmakers, and citizens. This two-day international conference brings together renowned academics, legal tech entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, and policymakers to discuss these and other issues:

  • Predictive Analytics versus Integrity & Trust in Judiciary
  • Legal Education in Times of Technology: Experimentation & Innovation
  • Technology for & by Government
  • A Vision for the Future of Work
  • Innovative Business Models for Law Firm

Learn more about our conference here