Legal/Tech Hackathon 2023: AI for a Sustainable Future

Hackathon 2023
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Thursday, November 16 

14.30 - 15.00 

Registration, cake & coffee 


15.00 - 15.10  

Welcome to Hackathon 2023 w/ Jacob Graff Nielsen, Dean at the Faculty of Law 


15.10 - 15.40  

Crash course on AI w/ Toine Bogers, P1 Chief Scientific Officer 


15.40 - 15.50  

Introduction to cases w/ Léonard van Rompaey 

15.50 - 16.05  

Icebreaker – get to know everybody 


16.10 - 16.25  

Introduction to the creative process w/ Helene Jeune 


16.25 - 16.35  

Find your team  

16.35 - 17.45 

Work with the case 


17.45 - 18.45  



18.45 - 19.10  

Inspiration talk w/ Kenneth Richard Geipel from Robotto 

19.10 - 20.15 

Work with the case 


Friday, November 17 

09.00 - 9.30  



09.30 - 9.40  

Welcome back and introduction to problem statement & ideation w/ Helene Jeune 


9.40 - 12.00 

Work with the case 


12.00 - 12.30  



12.30 - 13.45  

Meet the experts 


13:45 – 14.15  

Coffee & cake & networking 


14.15 - 14.45  

Inspirational talks: build your own startup  

14.45 - 17.30 

Work with the case 

17.30 - 18.30  

Dinner & networking 

18.30 -  

Work with the case 

Saturday, November 18 

9.30 - 10.00  



10.00 -11.00  

Prepare pitches 


11.00 - 11.10  

Introduction to judges w/ Léonard Van Rompaey 

11.10 - 13.10  

Final pitches 

13.10 - 13.30 

Judges contemplate & lunch 


13.30 - 14.00  

Winners' announcement 

Final inspirational words w/ Katherine Richardson 

Final thanks w/ Alexandra Andhov  


Goodbye and see you next year! 😉  


Get ready to dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and its potential to promote environmental sustainability. Following the success of last year's Hackathon, we're excited to introduce the 2023 Legal/Tech Hackathon: AI for a Sustainable Future.

For 2 ½ days, from November 16th to 18th, the Søndre Campus of the University of Copenhagen will be buzzing with innovative ideas and collaborative efforts.

Can AI play a significant role in addressing environmental challenges? Can it effectively assist in tackling climate change? These are the core questions that participants will delve into during the hackathon.

Picture a space where students from various fields come together to form teams, combining their expertise to find practical solutions. These teams will work on real-world problems at the intersection of AI, environmental sustainability, and law. Their goal is to develop ideas that not only make sense from a business perspective but also align with legal regulations, uphold environmental ethics, and showcase technical feasibility.

As a participant, you'll engage in insightful discussions, listen to talks by industry leaders, and receive guidance from experts. Through collaborative efforts, you'll refine your ideas and present them to a panel of judges. Projects will be evaluated based on their proposal's quality, business viability, legal compliance, environmental impact, and technical feasibility.

This event is the result of a partnership between Copenhagen Legal/Tech Lab, KU Lighthouse and Human & Legal Hub.

Building on the momentum of last year's blockchain and finance-focused hackathon, this year's event aims to reshape how we view AI's potential in promoting a sustainable environment.

Save the dates, November 16th to 18th, 2023, and get ready to immerse yourself in a constructive environment where innovation meets practicality. Let's work together to unlock the possibilities of AI for a greener future, showing that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.


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