Legal Tech Research Talks

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Nowadays, anyone savvy enough can find a deepfake algorithm on github and use it to create a video faking conspiracy declarations from a well-known politician, or manipulate adult content to create revenge porn aimed at their exes. The technology was developed on top of well-intentioned research work, but so far it has found mostly negative usages.

In this Legal Tech Research Talk, we discuss the risks of releasing AI research openly, the potential roads ahead to remedy some of deepfake's damages, and observe how law can prove powerless dealing with the online sharing of relatively small pieces of technology.  


  • Gianluca Mauro — Tech educator based in Copenhagen, founder of AI-academy
  • Léonard Van Rompaey — Industrial Postdoc Researcher at CO:PLAY and KU
  • Pepa Atanasova — PhD fellow at DIKU


Legal Tech Research Talks (pdf)


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