Til toppenEntry requirements

Credit students enroll one semester at a time on master level courses, where there are vacant places. It is not possible to follow courses at bachelor level.

Admission requires available places on the requested course. In there aren’t places available for all qualified applicants, we will prioritize the applications after the received time.     

As an applicant, you must fulfil these conditions:

  • you need to have at least a BA degree (the discipline is without consequence)
  • you have a pre-approval from the study board for your study programme, valid for the courses you want to apply for.
  • you are enroll at a higher education (master level).

If you don’t have a BA degree, you can apply for an exemption from the requirements by attaching a motivated application, accounting for the following:   

  • Motivation for applying for the course
  • Previous knowledge of the subject area from your primary programme
  • Work experience: Have you worked with the legal area that you wish to apply for a course in?  
  • Documentation on how far you are with your studies

In short, you have to argue that you are qualified to take courses at master level.

For pre-approval the following applies:

  • It has to be stamped and signed.
  • It has to be delivered as a PDF file.
  • It concerns the courses you are applying for.

If you are an intern credit student at UCPH, the application can be accepted via email from your study board or administration, provided it is journalised.  

If you haven’t received your pre-approval from your study board before the deadline, you can forward it to

The deadline for forwarding pre-approvals is 15 January for courses in spring, and 29 July for courses in the autumn. The same deadlines apply for documentation of your bachelor degree. If the Faculty hasn’t received a valid pre-approval and documentation for your bachelor degree in time, you will be deregistered from the courses.

If you cannot get a pre-approval from your study board, you can follow courses at master level as a paying, part-time student.

Til toppenApplication deadlines

  • The application deadline for courses in the spring is 1 December. The application period to be a credit student opens the 15 November.

  • The application deadline for courses in the autumn is the 1 June. The application period to be a credit student opens the 15 May.

Application for credit students (only in the period stated above)

You have a better chance of getting a place on the desired course if you apply early, as the available places will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. 

Til toppenApplication form and procedure

To be admitted, you have to fill out the electronic application form that will be available in the application period stated above.   

For the electronic application you have to attach:

  • A copy of your bachelor diploma or transcript of grades where it clearly states that you have completed your bachelor degree.
  • A pre-approval for the desired courses from the study board, at your place of education.
  • Documentation for enrollment at a higher education (pdf).

It is recommended you choose several courses, as we’ll only be able to grant your application if there is room on the desired course. The more courses you apply for, the higher the likelihood that you’ll get a place.

You have to be aware that your application is binding. That is, the admittance on the course/courses is only valid for the semester you applied for. The admittance cannot be put off to another semester. 

If you wish to cancel your application, you have to inform us before the 15 January for the spring term and the 1 August for the autumn term.

After the application deadline, you are required to take the exam for the course, and pas, the exam in the course, before you can be considered for application on another course as a credit student.

Questions as to what the study progress rules means for you, should be directed to your own university or faculty. 

Til toppenApplication reply

If you applied for a course in the spring term, you will receive your answer by 1 January at the latest. For the autumn term you will get an answer by 15 July at the latest.

It isn’t possible to apply after the deadline. If you receive a negative response, you will be able to apply for a course in the following semester at the earliest.

If you get a place, it isn’t possible to change one course for another.

Til toppenCancelled courses

Every term, more courses are offered than are held. Which courses are held depends on the number of students that apply for the respective course. That a course is available on the website is, therefore, not a guarantee, that the course will be held. By applying early, you can influence the decision on which courses are held.