Summer courses

Faculty of Law offers a variety of summer courses on Master's degree level that can be chosen by students and single subject students from all over the world.

The following courses will be held in the summer 2023:

JJUS00018U Advokatret 7,5
JJUS00021U Arctic climate change law and governance 7,5
JJUA55134U Bank- og Finansret 7,5
JJUS00019U Human Rights and Economic Law for the Green Transition 7,5
JJUS00013U Konkursret 7,5
JJUS00020U Offentlige myndigheders erstatningsansvar 7,5
JJUA55206U Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes 7,5
JJUS00022U Science as a cultural human right 7,5