CME - Centre for Market and Economic Law

The Centre for Market and Economic Law (CME) is a Research Centre at the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen. CME engages in research into the legal aspects of the use of markets as the basis for the social model known in Denmark and in the Western world.




















CME is managed by:

Head of centre, Professor Caroline Heide-JørgensenCaroline Heide-Jørgensen: who has the overall and coordinating responsibility for CME, and as such representing the Centre to the Dean's Office.  Besides that Caroline is responsible for the daily operation, the economy, communication and the research coordination.

Karsten Naundrup OlesenProfessor Karsten Naundrup Olesen





































Name Title Image
Andersen, Mads Bryde Professor Billede af Andersen, Mads Bryde
Armand, Cecilie Adler PhD Fellow Billede af Armand, Cecilie Adler
Bergqvist, Christian Associate Professor Billede af Bergqvist, Christian
Bogetoft, Rasmus Arler Kamstrup Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Bogetoft, Rasmus Arler Kamstrup
Ehlers, Andreas Bloch Professor Billede af Ehlers, Andreas Bloch
Hansen, Jesper Lau Professor Billede af Hansen, Jesper Lau
Heide-Jørgensen, Caroline Head of Centre, Professor Billede af Heide-Jørgensen, Caroline
Hornskov, Christian Rützou PhD Fellow Billede af Hornskov, Christian Rützou
Løvschall, Joey Heidelbach PhD Fellow Billede af Løvschall, Joey Heidelbach
Mouyal, Lone Wandahl Associate Professor Billede af Mouyal, Lone Wandahl
Nielsen, Linda Professor Billede af Nielsen, Linda
Olesen, Karsten Naundrup Professor Billede af Olesen, Karsten Naundrup
Schäfer, Anders Associate Professor Billede af Schäfer, Anders
Stranau, Alma Hauge Student FU Billede af Stranau, Alma Hauge
Thomsen, Martin Thomas Rørsig Student FU Billede af Thomsen, Martin Thomas Rørsig
Tufte-Kristensen, Johan Associate Professor Billede af Tufte-Kristensen, Johan
Waters, Lara Ann PhD Student Billede af Waters, Lara Ann