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Ida Gundersby Rognlien

Ida Gundersby Rognlien

PhD Student

Member of:

    The theme of the project is poverty in the Nordic welfare society. The purpose is to analyze poverty as a legal phenomenon. There will be taken into consideration social rights in the broadest sense, ref. e.g the EU-law and The Human Rights, with special attention to the gender perspective in intersection with e.g. age (young and old), ethnicity and handicap.

    More than 120 million people in the EU are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. One of the main objectives of the EU´s "Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" is the action against this. Legal measures across the different welfare schemes in Europe, will be important factors of succeeding.

    There will be examinations of how the legislator, the courts and the administrative bodies, with different competence and mandate, directly and indirectly regulate and affects poverty. Relevant questions are a.o. what elements are the poor deprived from and why are some poverty trapped.

    The central legal figures in the project are ”the minimum standard” (including e.g. the right to possession according to ECHR TP1-1) and ”discrimination” (including e.g. ”stereotyping” and "mainstreaming"). Relevant sources of material include American analysis of "poverty law", Prof. Martha Fireman’s "vulnerability theories" and "the vulnerable subject", research regarding development and law and the research tool "Individual Deprivation Measure".

    It will partly be conducted analysis of:

    1. How is legal regulation of poverty already manifested nationally in the Nordic countries and internationally, e.g. in The Human Rights and the EU-law.
    2. To what extent is there a distance between the legal regulation of poverty and the everyday life of "the vulnerable subject", especially taken into consideration the gender, health, ethnicity and age aspect?
    3. Which legal figures are suitable for the regulations of the "the vulnerable subject'?
    4. Which consequences do poverty have on the changing of the nuclear family model and vice versa?

    The supervisor is Professor dr. juris Kirsten Ketscher.

    Primary fields of research

    • Poverty law
    • Nordic social rights
    • European social rights
    • Law and gender
    • Non-discrimination law
    • Human rights


    • Non-discrimination law
    • Social law

    ID: 172786021