Welma’s research goals are the tackling and analysis of complex legal issues that arise concerning the relationship between individual citizens, society and the market as a result of the changes facing the welfare state.

The values, structure and organisation of the welfare society are challenged by the economic crisis, demographic developments, globalisation and migration, and a rise in the number of lifestyle diseases. Legal relations also change and the population’s rejection of marriage in favour of other relationships affects welfare legislation’s inner coherence and unbalances the welfare model’s legal obligations for providing support. With these development trends, new legal issues and questions arise in connection with the future of the welfare society and the balance between collective interests and ensuring the welfare rights of the individual.

Within this framework, Welma works with four central, interdisciplinary and interconnected research themes:

  • Globalisation and migration as a challenge and solution for the welfare society.
  • Relationships in the welfare society – development of relationship law.
  • Welfare, tax control and legitimacy.
  • Public health – a challenge for the welfare society and the market.

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