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Legal Practice in the Union

The lastest adjudications from the European Court of Justice, which relate to WELMA's field of work.

C-75/11 - Commission v. Austria

C-542/09- Commission v. the Netherlands

C-257/10 - Försäkringskassan v. Elisabeth Bergström

Sag C-388/09 - Reference to a premliminary ruling - da Silva Martins. (13.01.2011)

Sag C-400/08, Commission v. Spain  (24.03.2011)

Sag C-405/08 -  Holst

Sag C-34/09, Ruiz Zambrano (08.03.2011)

Sag C-434/09, McCarthy (05.05.2011)

Sag C-206/10, Commission v. Germany (05.05.2011)

Cases of C-47/08, C-50/08, C-51/08, C-53/08, C-54/08, C-61/08 and C-52/08, Commission v. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Greece and Portugal (24.05.2011)

Cases C-297/10 and C-298/10 Hennigs

C-177/10 Rosado Santana

C-388/09 Da Silva

C-108/10 - Scattolon

C- 225/10 - Brachner

C-225/10 – Pérez Garcia

C-447/09 - Prigge

C-98/09 - Sorge

C-194/08 - Gassmayr (01.07.2010)

C-135/08 - Rottmann (02.03.2010)

C-310/08  - Ibrahim and C-480/08 -  Teixeira

C-546/07 - Commission v Germany

Sag C-345/08 -  Pesla

Cases of C-229/08 and C-341/08 - Petersen

C-555/07 - Kücükdeveci

C-489/07 - Messner (03.09.2009)

C-155/08 and C- 157/08 - X (11.06.2009)

Cases of C-22-23/08 - Vatsouras (04.06.2009)

C-531/06 -  Commission v. Italy and the cases of C-171/07 og C-172/07, Apothekerkammer des Saarlandes and Others (19.05.2009)

C-531/06 - Commission v. Italy

Cases of C-171/07 and C-172/07, Apothekerkammer des Saarlandes and Others

C-544/07 - Rüffler (23.04.2009)

Cases of C-352/07 - C-356/07, C-365/07 - C-367/07 and C-400/07, A. Menarini et al. (02.04.2009)

C-169/07 - Hartlauer (10.03.2009)

C-388/07, The Incorporated Trustees of the National Council on Ageing (05.03.2009)

C-311/06 - Consiglio Nazionale (29.01.2009)

C-524/06 - Huber (16.12.2008)

C-158/07 - Förster (18.11.2008)

C-527/06, Renneberg (16th of October 2008)
Calculation of taxable income in the member state of employment must, in certain circumstances, take in account negative income relating to a dwelling located in the member state of residence.
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C-127/08, Metock and Others (25th of July 2008)
A non-community spouse of a citizen of the Union can move and reside with that  citizen in the Union without having previously been lawfully resident in a member state.
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C-54/07, Firma Feryn (10th of July 2008)
Public statements by which an employer lets it be known that it does not recruit employees of a particular ethnic origin constitute direct discrimination.
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C-303/06, Coleman (17th of July 2008)
Community law protects an employee who has suffered discrimination on grounds of his child's disability.
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C-499/06, Nerkowska (22nd og July 2008)
Payment of a disability pension granted by a member state to civilian victims of war and repression must not be refused solely because the person so entitled is resident in another member state.
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