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Workshops on "Tax and Social Security - EU perspective"

Copenhagen 20 September 2017 / Prague 15 November 2017

We are proud to invite you to second workshop organized by University of Copenhagen, University of Economics, Prague and KPMG on the EU perspective of interaction between personal income tax and social security contributions in cross-border situations within the EU.

Workshops are linked with the topic, but are self-contained and can be attended separately. Participants of the workshop in Prague will receive brief summary of the workshop in Copenhagen in advance.

Different systems of personal income tax and social security of the EU member states can cause hindrances to free movement of persons and services. Even with the coordination by double tax treaties and EU Regulation on the coordination of social security, the interaction and mismatches of principles and rules applied among the systems can be problematic in cross-border situations. Individuals, as well as employers, can get into all kinds of situations leading to various sum of payroll duties, which possibly could be considered discriminatory or undesirable also from the states’ perspective.

The workshops will involve speeches and panel discussions of experts from academics, business, advisory and tax and social security administration.

The keynote speakers are: 

  • Prof. Frans Pennings, President of the Department of International and European Law at Utrecht University 
  • Albrecht Ottig, Expert on Social Security Coordination with background in EU Commission and German authority

Full program and list of speakers Copenhagen / Full program and list of speakers Prague

Time: Prague 15 November  2017, 9am to 13pm

Place: University of Economics, Prague W. Churchill Sq. 4, Prague 3, RB210

Registration is free of charge, but please register here:

  • Registration for Prague 15 November 2017 (Closed)

We look forward to seeing you,

Kind regards

Ass. Prof. Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard, Ass. Prof. Jana Tepperová and Partner Jana Bartyzalová