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CRS and WELMA Lunch seminar

Women, constitutional reform, customary law and equality.

Lunch seminar organized by CRS and WELMA, Faculty of Law, The University of Copenhagen.
Presentation by Professor Julie Stewart, Director of Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women's Law, (SEARCWL) University of Zimbabwe, Harare.
Prof. Julie Stewart has worked with issues of Women's Law for more than decades amongst others within the NORAD funded project on Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA). She has amongst other published Paths are Made by Walking. Human Rights Intersecting Plural Legalities and Gendered Realities together with Anne Hellum, University of Oslo (Weaver Press 2006).
In 2011 she and Dr. Amy Tsanga edited the book Women and Law: Innovative approaches to teaching, research and analysis (Weaver Press).

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