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7 challenges to Europe: EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series

Are you interested in the EU and Europe? Do you want to learn more about political, cultural, social and legal challenges facing Europe today? Would you like to earn a diploma for your efforts? Then you should participate in the EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series at Copenhagen University!


Tuesdays from 10-12 am (weeks 38, 40, 43, 46, 48, 49) plus finale week 50


Alexander Hall, Bispetorv Annex, Bispetorv 1-3, 1167 Copenhagen

15 September - Media

Communicating Europe? Looking for a European public sphere
Associate Professor Mark Ørsten, RUC

29 September - Sovereignty

Integration or Independence? The EU and Nordic conceptions of parliamentary sovereignty
Professor Marlene Wind, SOC

20 October - Rights

The Future of Europe of Human Rights? The past and future of the European Court of Human Rights
Research Associate Professor Mikael Rask Madsen, LAW

10 November - Culture

What Cultural Diversity? Media, everyday life and the cultural dimension of Europe
Professor Ib Bondebjerg, HUM

24 November - Security

Venus as Global Leader in a post-Western World? Rethinking European security policies
Professor Ole Wæver, SOC

1 December - Welfare

Social Tourism or Social Dumping? Union citizenship, free Mobility and welfare rights
Professor Kirsten Ketscher, LAW
Attention!: The Lecture is held at Anneks A, Studiestræde 6

8 December - Future

Quo Vadis, Europa? Debating democratic models for Europe
Final roundtable on democracy and the future of Europe
Professor Chantal Mouffe, University of Westminster, England

Want to earn a diploma?

The lectures are open to all, but if you would like to earn the EURECO diploma, please sign up by sending an email to sanne@bjeldbak-olesen.dk with your name, Faculty and email address. The only requirement is that you attend at least 5 out of 7 lectures.

EURECO (European Research at the University of Copenhagen) aims at generating cutting-edge research on Europe and the European Union with an international impact. EURECO brings together leading researchers from the Faculties of Social Sciences, Law and Humanities at the University of Copenhagen.

For more information on EURECO and the Lecture Series, please contact Rebecca Adler-Nissen at ran@ifs.ku.dk