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The EU Services Directive: An ongoing challenge for the member states

The Dutch vs the Danish

The seminar by Marleen Botman, VU University Amsterdam, will analyse a number of challenges that currently follow from the EU Services Directive from a comparative perspective. In particular, it will assess and compare the effects of the directive on the administrative rules in the Netherlands and Denmark.

The EU Services Directive establishes a horizontal legal framework promoting the freedom of establishment for service providers and the free movement of services, in order to create a real internal services market. The directive contains a number of general principles regarding authorisation schemes and administrative procedures, such as the mechanism of tacit authorisation and an electronic point of contact to carry out the formalities. To what extent are these rules embedded in the Dutch and Danish administrative legal system and how does this relate to the principles of full effect, legal certainty and the principle of effective judicial protection?

The research centers CESEL and WELMA of the Faculty of Law invite all students, faculty members and other interested parties to participate in the seminar.

Time: Thursday, 4 April 2013 11:00-12:00

Place: Faculty of Law, Studiegarden, Ground floor, Room 02-0-16

Keywords: Single market for services, Services Directive, Administrative law, Denmark, The Netherlands

Registration: Attendance is free of charge but please register using registration form no later than 4 April 2013 10:00. Please use this registration form (closed).


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