About the centre

WELMA focuses on the Danish welfare society and the associated challenges from a broad legal perspective around four thematic tracks: 1) Digitalization, 2) Europeanization and Globalization, 3) Social Inequality and Marginalization, and 4) Public Employees in Flux.

WELMA was established as one of the first five research centres at the Faculty of Law. In the first five years, the centre explored the interaction between the fundamental legal principles and values ​​of the Danish / Nordic welfare society, and the key principles and rules of the EU's internal market. In the period from 2013-2018, the centre has focused its research on the complex legal issues that arise from the relationship between the individual citizen, society and the market in the context of economic, relational, demographic, public health and migratory challenges facing the Danish welfare model. As a result of this broader research profile, the centre changed its name from "Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and EU Market Integration" to ‘Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and the Market’.