18 January 2022

Roundtable Seminars for PhD students

The following PhD students will present their research projects at the roundtable seminars. All interested are welcome to attend.

Dan Stausholm Nielsen: ”Forhandlingsprincip og officialvirksomhed i civilprocessen” (In Danish)
Time and place: 25. January 2022 10:00-12:00 in JUR-Konferencerum_Flexrum_8A-0-57.

Ergün Cakal: ” Adjudication at the thresholds of violence. Human rights and psychological torture.”
Time and place: Wed 9 February 12:15-13:15 in JUR-Konferencerum_Flexrum_8A-0-57.

Jie Yang: End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Systems in China and the EU: A Comparative Perspective.
Time and place: Wed 16 February 12:15-13:15 in JUR-Konferencerum_Flexrum_8A-0-57.

Anouk Marine Lamé: “Adjudicating irregularity: an empirical investigation into national courts’ brokering of political demands and international norms”.
Time and place: 23 February 12:00-13:30 in JUR-Konferencerum_Flexrum_8A-0-57.