PhD courses

High quality PhD courses with the aim of establishing an active research environment.



Courses offered by the Phd school are announced in the planned courses web calendar.






A career as a researcher is also a career as an educator. Therefore, a pedagogical course is a mandatory part of your doctoral programme. The course is titled ‘Learning principles at the faculty’ or ‘Læringsprincipper på fakultetet’ (in Danish)’. The course is organised by the Study Services and is held before semester start. For more information about the course, please contact the Study Services (






Obligatory PhD roundtable seminars are conducted within the framework of the individual research centers at the faculty. They aim to better integrate PhD students in the activities of the faculty’s research centers. Additionally, the PhD roundtables provide PhD students with an opportunity to present their research projects to colleagues who possess professional expertise in the specific area of law as well as to other academic scholars who wish to participate in the roundtable seminars.

The roundtables are mandatory for PhD students. The PhD roundtables should run for at least one hour. The presentation of the PhD project takes place within the first six months of PhD studies and satisfies the obligation under §4.4.3 of the PhD Regulations.

Following their participation in a PhD roundtable seminar, the PhD student should include information regarding such participation in their first status report after the seminar. Additionally, subsequent to their presentation at a PhD roundtable, the PhD student must submit a one-page report to the head of the PhD School elaborating to what extent s/he considers the feedback they received from other participants as being valuable for the purposes of his/her continued research activities.

The schedule of PhD roundtables that will take place in individual research centers is available on the webpages of the PhD School and the relevant research centers.

The roundtable seminars are planned by the PhD student and are announced at

Presenting your research project at the roundtable seminar grants 1 ECTS point.