Open up your Academic Publishing Toolbox

This course consists of online workshop sessions over two days: 16/3 & 18/3-2021 from 8:30 to 12:30 and participation on both days is required to receive credit.


Academic publishing is a cornerstone in any research career and the foundation for how universities and funders evaluate the researchers.
This workshop is designed to address the opportunities and challenges PhD students face, when getting ready to publish or publishing their research as journal articles (or monographs) and data publications. The aim of the course is to provide the PhD students with knowledge, skills and tools for publishing their research openly and responsibly while fulfilling the demands of their university, their funders and their research community.

The workshop sessions will cover: 

  • Copyright in publishing
  • Creative Commons licenses
  • Open access publishing
  • Responsible metrics and evaluation of researchers
  • Research impact and evaluation
  • Management and optimization of researcher profiles
  • Data management and the FAIR principles  

Participants will also have the opportunity to put forward their questions and problems for discussion. Active participation and exchange of ideas is encouraged. 

Learning objectives

After the course participants are able to: 

  • Choose an appropriate (open) publication model 

  • Interpret terminology and rights from publishers 

  • Use bibliometric indicators responsibly and strategically to make their research visible in applications for research funding or research positions

  • Increase the visibility of your researcher profile, publications and research data by applying tools shown in the workshop

  • Use cumulative knowledge from the workshop to publish responsibly 

  • Spar with supervisors and others in the development of research and publication procedures  

Workshop format

The workshops are a combination of presentations, discussions, teaching cases and hands-on activities.

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