PhD course: Communicate your research

The PhD School invite all PhD students within the discipline of jurisprudence to a course on

Research Communication.

a two-day writing workshop (28 October and 11 November 2021) with hands-on communication tools for PhD students at The Faculty of Law, UCPH

In this two-day workshop for PhD students, we focus on communicating your research to a broader audience.

The aim of the workshop is to give you the tools you need to write an engaging article that presents your research, or knowledge of a topic, in the best possible way. Through the workshop you will “get into the head” of journalists and learn why they write the way they do – and what you can learn from this. You will learn about news values, media logic and what makes a good story. You will learn about different genres and formats, and you will get to present your research in written form through exercises and a full article.

At the end of the workshop we will, ideally, submit your final piece (typically an analysis, op-ed (kronik) or opinion piece) to a Danish or international outlet such as a newspaper or a blog (e.g. Verfassungsblog or The Conversation). In other words, you will be working on a “real” piece with the aim of getting published.

The workshop will be led by Communications Consultant at The Faculty of Law, Jon Clausen.

The course is limited to 10 participants.


  • Understand the mechanisms of the media world and what makes a good story
  • Practice storytelling, good writing and message-framing
  • Make your research matter to a wider audience
  • Navigate media strategies to reach the stakeholders that matter to you

Programme: PhD course: Communicate your research (pdf)

Date and time: 28 October and 11 November 2021, 9:00 – 16:30.

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76, DK-2300 Copenhagen, Room: 24.1.07 (building 24, first floor, room 07)

A guide on how to find Campus is available at our website  and a map of campus 


Course organiser: Communications Officer at The Faculty of Law, Jon Clausen

Maximum no. of participants: 10

Registration: No later than 5 October 2021 via this registration form