Update your academic publishing toolbox

Scholarly publishing is a cornerstone of the scientific professions and the universities they are affiliated with. This one-day workshop is designed to address the opportunities and challenges facing junior researchers who are ready to publish or already publishing their research and research data. The aim of the workshop is to strengthen the junior researcher’s knowledge of how to publish their work responsibly and at the same time fulfill the demands of University of Copenhagen, the project funders and the surrounding research community. The course will cover:

•    Copyright in publishing
•    Creative Commons licences
•    Open access publishing
•    Bibliometric and altmetric indicators and what they mean for the researcher
•    Research impact and evaluation
•    Registration and management of research activities in CURIS
•    Data management and the FAIR principles 

Participants will also have the opportunity to put forward their questions and problems for discussion. Active participation and exchange of ideas are encouraged.

Learning objectives
Participants are able to:

  • actively discuss the different facets of academic publishing including what to consider when publishing Open Access, when licensing their work, making their work visible and consider how their work can be evaluated.
  • reflect on the impact and influence the different facets of academic publication can have on their own publishing behavior and future publishing strategies. 

Workshop format
The workshop is a combination of presentations, discussions, teaching cases and hands-on activities.. 

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