PhD Workshop: Researching and Writing in English

The PhD School and iCourts invite all PhD students within the discipline of jurisprudence to a course on Researching and Writing in English

Following on from the Head of the PhD school’s recent call for enhancing the quality of thesis work, the purpose of this course is to train PhD students in research-based approaches to strengthen and clarify their writing processes. The goal is not simply to add an addendum to their research training, or to focus solely on the output of a research project, but to use writing skills as an entry point into a more critical approach to the input and output of their projects. Students will learn how to re-engineer their research processes to facilitate clearer thought and ultimately, clearer writing.

Programme:  PhD Workshop: Researching and Writing in English (pdf)

Date and time: 18 November 2020, 10:00 - 15:30

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Room: 8A.3.45 (Building 8A, 3 Floor, Room 45)

A guide on how to find Campus is available at our website via this link

A map of campus is available here


Course organiser: Shai Dothan & Jacob Livingston Slosser

Maximum no. of participants: 15

Registration: No later than 4 November 2020 via this registration form