Update your academic publishing toolbox

Course content
Scholarly publishing is a cornerstone of the scientific professions and the universities they are affiliated with. This course provides insights to different facets around scientific research publishing. Through different presentations, the participants will get knowledge on topics such as

  • Copyright in publishing
  • Creative Commons licences
  • Open access publishing
  • Bibliometric and altmetric indicators
  • Research impact and evaluation
  • Registration and management of research activities in CURIS
  • Data management

Course format
The course is a combination of presentations, discussions and exercises


Course credit
Participation all day (8:40-15:30) is required to receive credit.
Please note: After participation, you will receive a diploma that you need to forward to the PhD school at your faculty to receive credit. Some faculties/PhD schools require PhD students to use FrontPlanner when allocating ECTS credits, so make sure how it works at your faculty/PhD school.  

Course facilitator
Copenhagen University Library, Department for Research Support - forskerservice@kb.dk

Morning: Coffee, tea and croissants
Lunch: Sandwich
Afternoon: Coffee, tea and cake

Course location
Faculty of Law: Karen Blixens Plads 16 - Room: 8B.2.43

Preparation and workload

  • All enrolling PhD students will receive an electronic form containing preparatory questions that has to be filled in before course start. It is obligatory to fill in this form. The submissions will only be used on an aggregated level. Individual responses will only be used when specific permission is granted.
  • Before course start, enrolling PhD students will receive a list of curriculum and a data management assignment in order to prepare for the course
  • Make sure that you are connected to the institutional Wi-Fi, Eduroam

PhD students from HUM, SAMF, JUR and TEOL, University of Copenhagen. Academic staff (VIP) is also welcomed.

Last day for registration
November 7


Registration is binding. Cancellation must be received in writing and submitted to forskerservice@kb.dk no later than 7 days prior course start for the sake of logistic reasons and to avoid waste of food.