At the Faculty of Law, PhD students receive their scholarships in the form of monthly salary payments for the three year period for which their enrolment and employment lasts. The scholarship cannot be extended except in circumstances outlined in the generally applicable rules.
The Faculty offers the following types of fully funded PhD positions:

  • Regular PhD positions offered by the Faculty.
  • PhD positions offered by the Centre of Excellence on International Courts (iCourts).
  • PhD positions offered in cooperation with the University of Iceland.
  • PhD positions offered by the Faculty within the framework of the integrated master’s and PhD programme (3+5 Programme).

Employment during the regular PhD programme will take place according to the agreement between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance concerning the salary of PhD Students. The basic monthly salary is approximately DKK 25,000 before taxes. Additionally there is an annual research budget to help cover the cost of conference fees, books, travel etc. The monetary amount of the annual research budget is subject to change depending on the financial resources available to the Faculty. As a PhD student you will be provided with an office/shared office, a computer and office phone as well as general office supplies. For more information see employment as a PhD student.

Please note that the one-year period of employment in Iceland within the framework of the Joint PhD programme between the University of Copenhagen and the University of Iceland will take place in accordance with the Agreement between the Union of University Teachers and the Ministry of Finance of Iceland (Félag háskólakennara).