Mette Hartlev

Mette Hartlev


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    Knowledge of languages






    2007-          Professor of Health Law

    1996-2007    Associate Professor of Health Law

    1993-1996    Assistant Profesor of Administrative Law

    1990-1993    PhD Fellow

    1992-1993    Research Assistant

    1989-1992    Legal Consultant, Union for Social Workers



    1986: LL.M Aarhus University, Denmark

    1993: PhD (law), Copenhagen University
, Denmark

    2006: LL.D, Copenhagen University, Denmark


    Research projects and networks

    2013-2016         The Genomic History of Denmark. Funded by University of Copenhagen Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research

    2013-2016         Governing Obesity. Funded by University of Copenhagen Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research     

    2012-2015   COST Aktion IS1103 : Adapting European health systems to diversity (ADAPT). Appointed as Danish management committee member

    2009-2014   UNIK-projekt: Food, Fitness and Pharma.   Funded by the Ministry of Science

    2007-          Nordic Network for Research in Biomedical law. Funded by NordForsk. Member of management board

    2007-2009   Determining the Ethical and Legal Interest in Privacy and Data Protection for Research Involving the Use of Genetic Databases and Bio-banks (PRIVILEDGED). Coordinated by professor David Towend, University of Masstricht. Funded by EU FP6.

    2004-2006    Cloning in Public. Farm Animal Cloning and the Public. Coordinated by professor, PhD,Peter Sandøe, LIFE, University of Copenhagen. Funded by EU FP6.

    2004-2006     Creating Science: Crafting stem cell research in a moral landscape. Coordinated by professor Lene Koch, Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Funded by the Danish Research Council 

    2004-2006     EU-RECA, Delimiting the research concept and research activities, Specific Targeted Research Project. Coordinated by professor Søren Holm,University of Manchester. Funded by EU FP6.

    2002-2004     PRIVIREAL, Privacy Protection in Biomedical Research. Coordinated by professor Deryck Beyleveld,University of Sheffield,UK. Funded by EU FP5.

    1994-1996     The Public Sectors Condition and Future. Coordinated by professor Torben Beck Jørgensen, Institute of Political Science, University of Copenhage. Funded by DJØF (Danish Association for Lawyers, economists and social scientists)

    1993-1999       GRAN, Bioetik – grundlagsproblemer og anvendelse. Koordineret af professor, dr. theol Svend Andersen, Det Teologiske Fakultet, Aarhus Universtitet og professor, dr. phil.Peter Sandøe, LIFE. Finansieret af de 5 forskningsråd


    Editorial boards

    2010-           Member of the editorial board of European Journal of Health Law

    2006-          Member of editorial council of the journal Etikk i praksis (Ethics in practise)

    1990-2004   Member of the editorial board of the Nordic legal journal Retfærd

    1992-1998   Danish editor of the Nordic legal journal Retfærd

    1993-1996   Nordic editor of the Nordic legal journal Retfærd


    University administrative functions

    2012-              Head of research centre, Welma, Faculty of Law

    2012-              Head of International Strategy at the Faculty of Law

    2006-2011       Head of Studies, Faculty of Law

    2006-2011       Member of Copenhagen University Educational Strategic Council (KUUR)

    2003-2008       Member of management board for Biocampus (university priority interdisciplinary research theme)

    2002-2003       Member of coordinating group for Copenhagen University interdisciplinary research priority in biotechnology 

    1998-2002       Member of Faculty of Law Examen Complaints Board

    1998-2000       Member of the Faculty Board, Faculty of Law

    1998 -             Member of various PhD committees and assessment committees for scientific positions in Denmark, Norway and Netherlands


    External bodies

    2013-                Chair of Management Board, Danish Anti Doping Agency

    2012-                Member and vice chair of the Danish National Committee on Health Research Ethics

    2011-                Member of advisory board, Deutches Referenzzentrum für Ethik in den Biowissenschaften, Bonn University

    2006-2010         Board member, Danish Society for Medical Ethics, Philosophy and Method

    2003-2008         Member of Nordic Committee on Bioethics

    2002-2011         Chairperson, Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment

    2000-2005         Member of Danish Council of Ethics (vice chair 2000-2003)


    LL.M (law)

    ID: 11751