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Marina Aksenova

Marina Aksenova



European University Institute (Florence, Italy)

PhD, Law                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2010 - 2014

Dissertation: “Complicity in International Criminal Law”

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

University of Oxford (Oxford, UK)

MSc, Criminology and Criminal Justice                                                                                                                                                          2009-2010


University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2004-2005

LLM, Public International Law                                                                                                                                                                            


International University (Moscow, Russia)                                                                                                                                                  2000-2004

        BA, Law (hon.)



The annual Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the Best Thesis in Comparative Law  (EUI)                                                       June 2015


iCourts Centre for Excellence, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Postdoc                                                                                                                                                                                                                              September 2014 - present


Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Researcher/Legal Intern, Trial Chamber                                                                                                                                                       June 2011 – September 2011


White & Case, LLC (Moscow, Russia)

Associate, Arbitration and Litigation Department                                                                                                                                 September 2007 – August 2009


International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (The Hague, Netherlands)

Legal Assistant, Defense                                                                                                                                                                                           September 2005 – May 2007


Marina Aksenova, Complicity in International Criminal Law, Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2016.


Martin Scheinin, Helle Krunke, Marina Aksenova (eds), Judges as Guardians of Human Rights and Constitutionalism, Edward Elgar Press, forthcoming 2016.

PUBLICATIONS in peer-reviewed journals

Marina Aksenova, Book Review Complicity in International Law by Miles Jackson, British Yearbook of International Law, forthcoming 2015;

Marina Aksenova, “The Specific Direction Requirement for Aiding and Abetting: A Call for Revisiting Comparative Criminal Law”, Cambridge   Journal of International and Comparative Law, Vol. 4, issue 1 (2015);

Marina Aksenova, “Conceptualizing Terrorism: International Offence or Domestic Governance Tool?”, Journal of Conflict and Security Law (2015);


Marina Aksenova, “The Modes of Liability at the ICC: the Labels that don’t Always Stick”, International Criminal Law Review 15 (2015);


Marina Aksenova, Book Review The Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law by Kevin Jon Heller and Markus D. Dubber (eds), Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2012, vol. 10, issue 3;


Marina Aksenova, “International Arbitration in Russia”, in Romanian Arbitration Review, 2009, vol. 3, issue 4;

PUBLICATIONS in edited volumes

Marina Aksenova and Geir Ulfstein, “The Task of Regional and International Courts in Guarding Constitutionalism and Human Rights”, M.  Scheinin, H. Krunke and M. Aksenova (eds.), in Judges as Guardians of Human Rights and Constitutionalism, Edward Elgar Press, forthcoming 2016;


Marina Aksenova, “Shaping the Definition of Complicity in International Criminal Law: Tensions and Contractions”, in M. Bergsmo (ed) Historical Origins of International Criminal Law (Vol III), Torkel Opsahl, Oslo, forthcoming 2015;


Marina Aksenova, Case Comment for Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals (ALC), Prof. André Klip and Prof. Steven Freeland, forthcoming 2015;


Marina Aksenova and Morten Bergsmo, “Non-Criminal Justice Fact-Work in the Age of Accountability”, ”, in M. Bergsmo (ed.), Quality Control in Fact-Finding, Torkel Opsahl, Oslo, November 2013;


Marina Aksenova, “Complicity in Rape in the Jurisprudence of the ad hoc Tribunals and the Special Court for Sierra Leone”, in M. Bergsmo (ed.), Understanding and Proving International Sex Crimes, Torkel Opsahl, Oslo, 2012;

PUBLICATIONS in media and online


Marina Aksenova, “Five Questions on the Colombian Sentencing Practice and the Principle of Complementarity under the Rome Statute”, Opinio Juris, 25 May 2015, available at


Marina Aksenova and Morten Bergsmo, “Fact-Finding Beyond International Criminal Justice: Defining the Purposes, Mandates and Outcomes of Fact-Finding Missions”, FICHL Policy Brief Series No. 38, (2015);


Marina Aksenova, “Returning to Complicity for Core International Crimes”, FICHL Policy Brief Series, No. 17 (2014);


Marina Aksenova, “The Taylor Appeal Judgment: an Achievement or a Step in the Fragmentation of International Criminal Law?”, E-International Relations, 20 October 2013,;


Marina Aksenova, “Why 50 Years of Imprisonment is an Adequate Sentence for Charles Taylor”, Opinio Juris, 4 June 2012, available at


Tatiana Minaeva and Marina Aksenova, “Anti-Money Laundering in Russia”, Tax Planning International, February 2008,




Marina Aksenova, “Values on the Move: Colombian Sentencing Practice and the Complementarity Analysis of the International Criminal Court”, iCourts Working Paper Series No. 24, 2015;

Marina Aksenova, “Purposes of International Criminal Law”, paper presented in the framework of COST Action IS1003 “International Law Between Constitutionalisation and Fragmentation”, VU University, 28-30 August 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands;


Marina Aksenova, “Confronting State Responsibility and Individual Criminal Responsibility under International Law”, paper presented at the Human Rights Training Course organized by the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and the EUI, 12 June 2013, Florence, Italy;


Marina Aksenova, “Complicity in International Criminal Law: A Case for Clarification”, working paper presented at the inaugural conference of the American Society of Comparative Law (Younger Comparativists Committee), 20 April 2012, Washington DC;

TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                             

International Criminal Law and Procedure                                                                                                                                                         

Course Instructor, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law  (Copenhagen, Denmark)                                          February – June 2015


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