Clement Salung Petersen

Clement Salung Petersen


  • JUR- CEPRI - Centre for Private Governance

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, Building: 6B-3-62

    2300 København S

    Phone: +45 35 32 31 44

Current research

Primary research areas
I am broadly interested in civil justice, dispute resolution and enforcement, including

  • Civil procedure law
  • European procedural law, including procedural law aspects of EU law and the European Convention on Human Rights as well as the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and work on soft law harmonization of civil procedure law
  • Comparative civil procedure law
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including arbitration, mediation, online dispute resolution (ODR) and notice-and-action procedures
  • Enforcement law, in particular enforcement of intellectual property rights

Current research projects
I am co-founder of the Centre for Private Governance (CEPRI), which conducts research in the legal implications of private governance, i.e. private actors undertaking (traditionally) public tasks and functions. I am particularly interested in how private governance can affect the role and functioning of courts in civil dispute resolution. Within CEPRI, I am PI on the collaborative research project Rethinking the role of courts in civil dispute resolution. I also participate in the collaborative research project Digital platforms as private governance systems.

Besides CEPRI, I contribute with research within a broad range of issues within my research area. My research includes the following books in Danish:

  • Retsplejeloven med kommentarer (10. udgave 2018, 11. udgave 2024 (in press))
  • Immaterialret (4. udg. 2015, 5. udg. 2018, 6. udg. 2021, 7. udg. 2024)
  • Den civile retspleje (4. udg. 2017, 5. udg. 2020, 6. udg. 2024 (planned)
  • Judicielle forbud/påbud og immaterialretsproces (2015)
  • Immaterialrettigheder og foreløbige forbud (2008)
Responsible conduct of research and innovation law
Clement Salung Petersen has for many years worked intensively with ethical and legal issues related to research and research collaboration. Besides his employment at the University of Copenhagen, he works as a consultant for the Danish Confederation of Academics' Committee for Protection of Scholarly and Scientific Works (Udvalget til beskyttelse af Videnskabeligt Arbejde,

He is editor and author of a number of articles about the responsible conduct of research and legal issues related to research on the website Since 2014, he and his colleague professor Morten Rosenmeier have been appointed as Named Persons to support good scientific practice at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. He is also appointed as alternate member to the Practice Committee at the University of Copenhagen.

He has taught many courses on these topics to researchers and research administrators at the University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Humanities), the IT University, the Royal Danish Defence College and courses organised by the UBVA.

Other areas of interest

  • Intellectual property law, in particular copyright, trademarks and internet domain names
  • Contract law, in particular publishing agreements, license agreements, R&D agreements etc.
  • Corporate law, start-ups


Clement Salung Petersen teaches the following courses:

  • Civilprocesret (in Danish) (LL.M. programme)
  • Civil procedure (LL.M. programme)
  • Good scientific practice (PhD programmes at the University of Copenhagen)

Clement Salung Petersen supervises master students within the following topics:

  • Civil procedure
  • Arbitration law
  • Enforcement law
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights

Possible conflicts of interest

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