Christian Bergqvist

Christian Bergqvist

Associate Professor


Christian Bergqvist lectures in the courses "konkurrence- og markedsføringsret"  (Danish), "Konkurrenceret", (Danish), and EC Competition Law (English) and supervise Master thesis (and ph.d. thesus) in all associated areas.

Fields of interest

  • Competition Law, including Danish and EU competition law
  • Telecommunication law
  • Energy Law
  • Platforms and Big Tech

Primary fields of research

Christian Bergqvist specializes in EU Competition Law, with a particular interest in its application to deregulated and network tied sectors (telecom, energy, post, and transport) and abuse of dominance in general and within these sectors. Christian Bergqvist has extensive experience in competition law as an academician and practitioner. Before becoming a full-time academician serving five years as a lawyer at a Tier 1-law firm, representing clients before the judicial and administrative bodies on competition law matters.

In addition to classic competition law Christian Bergqvist covers:

  • The interaction between sector regulation and competition law
  • The implied considerations and the securing of these in competition law
  • The use of economic theory

Further, Christian Bergqvist covers parts of telecommunication and energy law, primarily areas, which interact highly with competition law , e.g. because they pursue a mutual objective or related to access to the infrastructure. Recently, Christian Bergqvist has been researching and writing about platforms, Big Tech, and the companies collectively referred to as FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google).

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