Anne Lise Kjær

Anne Lise Kjær

Associate Professor


Law and Language (legal linguistics). Legal communication and rhetoric. Rhetorical argumentation. Legal philosophy and sociology of law. Human Rights law. Language rights. Criminal law. Comparative law, legal translation and multilingual interpretation.

Primary fields of research

  • Law and Language
  • Corpus linguistics and discourse analysis
  • Empirical studies of the case law of international courts
  • Populist rhetoric in law
  • Legal translation, comparative law, and multilingual interpretation
  • Interdisciplinary studies of European legal integration
  • Multilingualism, language policy and language rights

Current research

My current research aims at uncovering the linguistic mechanism of populism in legal discourse across European languages and text genres.

My general research aims at developing cross-disciplinary approaches to the empirical study of international law and courts, combining theories of language, discourse, and law.

ID: 2837