Vadym Semenov

Vadym Semenov

Research assistant

Vadym holds LL.M. degree from Stockholm University with specialization in intellectual property law and has almost 14 years of practical experience mostly in tax, commercial and civil litigation in all instances of Ukrainian court system. He had been working as the chief of the juridical department of the major manufacturing enterprise and as the senior lawyer, partner of the law firm. In 2004 Vadym obtained the certificate of a barrister.

Current research

The title of Vadym’s Ph.D. project is “Availability of injunctions in patent cases in the EU and the USA: justifications for denying of injunctive relief.” The research involves the comparative analysis of the factors affecting the award of injunctions in French, German, the UK and the US patent litigation.

The survey addresses the rationales behind enforcement of patents via prohibitory orders and aims at establishing the theoretical framework which justifies the deviation from the exclusivity of patent rights.

Primary fields of research

Patent law

Enforcement of intellectual property rights

Procedure law

Competition law 


EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy in an International Context, spring semester 2016, autumn semester 2016, spring semester 2017

ID: 146842957