Malthe Hilal-Harvald
Malthe Hilal-Harvald

PhD Student

Malthe Hilal-Harvald joined the Faculty on 1 January 2017 as a PhD Fellow at CECS. The title of his project is “The Regulation of Certain Islamic Practices in Europe: A Comparative Constitutional Perspective”, and his supervisor is Dr. Acar Kutay. 

Mr. Hilal-Harvald received his LLB from University of Southern Denmark and his LLM from UCPH. The title of his master's thesis was "A Comparative Study of the Islamic Repugnancy Clauses in the Constitutions of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan". 

Mr. Hilal-Harvald has among other things previously worked as a student assistant at CECS where he supported Dr. Ebrahim Afsah in the creation of the MOOC entitled "Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World". Mr. Hilal-Harvald has also worked as a student assistant in the Afghanistan Team at the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law in Heidelberg, Germany. Upon graduation he was promoted to full-time research fellow and implented legal development projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Primary fields of research

Comparative Law, Public International Law, Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law

Current research

In the framework of his doctoral research, Mr. Hilal-Harvald is researching on how both restrictions and accommodations of Islamic practices have been justified within the constitutional frameworks across Western Europe. In particular, he is trying to explain why some practices (headscarves and face veils) are being restricted, while others (ritual slaughter and male circumcision) are being tolerated depite being inconsistent with the law. 


International Law

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