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Peter Kristian Hjaltason

Peter Kristian Hjaltason

PhD Student

Peter Hjaltason is a PhD fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen in cooperation with the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The title of the PhD project is "Human Rights in the Danish Municipalities".

In Denmark, municipalities occupy a central and independent role in implementing human rights. Therefore, it is interesting, both theoretically and in practice, to analyse how the Danish municipalities apply human rights, and what significance human rights has in this regard.

Human rights law, municipality law, administrative law and social welfare law are all well-cultivated areas. The purpose of the project is therefore to link and further develop these areas.

Against this backdrop, the project will shed light on questions such as:

  • What does it mean to work with human rights in the Danish municipalities?
  • To what extent are municipalities obliged to implement human rights in Denmark?
  • What is the significance of Danish municipality law for the municipalities’ work with human rights?

These questions will be analysed both in general and concretely, where the area of forced adoption is used as a case-study. The research will mainly consist of legal analysis, but will also apply other social sciences methods and include experiences from other countries, namely Sweden and Norway.

The supervisor is Professor, PhD Michael Gøtze and the co-supervisor is Senior Researcher, PhD Anette Faye Jacobsen at the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Current research

PhD-project: Human Rights in the Danish Municipalities

Primary fields of research

Human rights law, social welfare law, administrative law, municipality law


Human rights law, administrative law, social welfare law, constitutional law

ID: 183885358