Christian Bergqvist

Christian Bergqvist

Associate Professor


Christian Bergqvist is a lecture in the courses "konkurrence- og markedsføringsret"  (Danish), "Markedsret", (Danish), "Videregående Konkurrenceret" (Danish) and EC Competition Law (English) and is a guidence counselor for the writing of Master thesis in all associated areas.

Fields of interest

  • Competition Law, hereunder Danish and EU competition law
  • Telecommunication law 
  • EU law

Primary fields of research

Christian Bergqvist specialises in Danish and EU competition law with a particular interest in the behaviour and regulation of dominant undertakings 

This covers classical issues, including

  • The dominant undertakingsability to price (unrestricted) and award discounts
  • The dominant undertakings' freedom choosing which competitors and customers to supply to and the stipulate the terms
  • Structural cooperation's agreements between dominant undertakings including mergers and joint ventures

In addition to classic competition law Christian Bergqvist covers:

  • The interaction between sector regulation and competition law
  • The implied considerations and the securing of these in competition law
  • The use of economic theory

Further, Christian Bergqvist covers partof telecommunication law, primarily areas, which interact highly with competition law e.g. becouse they pursue a mutual objective.

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