Céline E J L Brassart Olsen

Céline E J L Brassart Olsen


  • Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København S, 6A Bygning 6A (Afsnit 3), Building: 6A-4-44

Current research

Céline Brassart Olsen, PhD, is a researcher in the field of health and human rights. She is currently doing research on health and human rights in the context of climate change and indigenous rights, with a focus on obesity.  The research is part of the project "Climate Change and the Protection of Indigenous Peoples under International Law in Remote Island Territories."

In 2023, she will start a 3 year-research project entitled "Conceptualizing a Human Right to Menstrual Health - Breaking Societal Taboos and Promoting Female Health", funded by Danmarks Frie Forskingsfond. The project fills a critical gap in women’s right to health by investigating how human rights can be leveraged to support menstrual health.

Her previous postdoctoral research was on the human rights implications of health promotion in the workplace, and her PhD analyzed the intersection between international public health and human rights law for the prevention of obesity. Her research was part of the interdisciplinary project Governing Obesity www.go.ku.dk


Céline teaches International Law at bachelor level and  has taught  Health and Human Rights at Master level. She was a visiting researcher at the O'Neill Institute for Global and National Health Law at Georgetown University. Prior to her PhD, Céline worked as a legal consultant for the World Health Organization. She also worked as a legal and policy advisor in the field of tobacco control at EU level. Previously, she was an Associate at the law firm Dechert LLP in New York City, where she is admitted to the Bar.

She holds a Masters in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) from American University, and a dual degree in English and French Laws (Bachelor of Law/Maîtrise) from the University of Essex (UK) and Université Paris Ouest Nanterre (France).

Areas of interest 

Human Rights; Right to Health; Climate change; Indigenous Peoples's rights 

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