Atakilti H Gebremichael

Atakilti H Gebremichael

PhD fellow

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    PhD project title: Centralized framework agreements

    The aim of the thesis is to analyze what obligations the regulatory framework in the Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU impose on contracting authorities in the spans of centralized framework agreements, de lege lata. It aims to analyze the regulatory frameworks applicable in the spans of centralized framework agreements: the stages of the procedure to conclude the framework agreement and the subsequent call-off contracts award. The spans of a framework agreement refer to the two stages of a contract award process intertwined in one award procedure. The first span represents the public procurement procedure for the conclusion of the framework agreement between a central purchasing body or a contracting authority and one or more economic operators the purpose of which is to establish the terms governing future contracts, also known as call-off contracts, to be awarded during the period of validity of the framework agreement.[1] The second span concerns, the subsequent call-offs contract award procedure operated by contracting authorities, qualified as the users of the framework agreement, which award the actual and binding contracts to one or more of the economic operators qualified as parties to the framework agreement.[2] It analyze the scope of the obligations arising from the fundamental public procurement principles[3], general rules and special rules applicable on centralized framework agreements.

    My research project is funded by the CPB Project: Safeguarding competition and equal access to Central Purchasing Bodies led by Professor Carina Risvig Hamer, my principal supervisor.

    ID: 301775513