25 April 2023

New legal package on crypto assets could set the democratization of crypto at risk

crypto assets

In this episode of Juristeriet, we have invited Associate Professor Dr. Alexandra Andhov to tell us about the new comprehensive legal package on crypto assets that was just passed by the European Union. Listen to the episode here - or read more below.


The European Union has just passed a comprehensive legal package on crypto assets. And with that an entirely new legal framework has seen the light of day – effectively pulling the market for crypto assets out of a legal vacuum and into the established and more regulated parts of the financial system. But this new legal framework is introducing crypto to measures that have taken decades to develop and implement for the rest of the financial sector – measures that could prove quite demanding for this – up until today – notoriously unregulated market.

So what does this new package contain? And what will its introduction mean for both the stability and the continued democratization of the crypto market?

In this episode, we have invited Dr. Alexandra Andhov to talk about those and other posing questions regarding this new stack of rules. Alexandra is an Associate Professor here at the Faculty of Law researching among other things financial tech and regulation of blockchain structures.

You can listen to the new episode through the player above or your preferred podcast-provider.

Written by Emil Tarp Vang