Louise Victoria Johansen

Louise Victoria Johansen

Associate Professor

  • JUR Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København S, 6B Bygning 6B (Afsnit 3), Building: 6B-4-25

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    Primary fields of research

    I work within the area of Law and Anthropology and am theoretically inspired by the field of sociology of knowledge, intersectionality, and the role of emotion in law. My research focuses on knowledge processes across different criminal jutsice institutions such as the police, the prosecutor's office, the judiciary, and the prison and probation service. Using ethnografic methods in these settings, I have studied the production and use of pre-sentence reports; lay adjudication and lay participation; victims' perceptions of the criminal justice process; and remand prisoners' expectations of a 'fair trial'. 

    ID: 6468483