Rasmus Arler Kamstrup Bogetoft

Rasmus Arler Kamstrup Bogetoft

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Please see my personal website.

I’m interested in most areas of Private Law and Law & Economics. I have a Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School, and have previously worked as Attorney-at-Law at Plesner Law Firm.

I’m currently focussed on two strands of research. First, calculating damages in complex commercial matters. Namely using the economic toolbox to clarify and sophisticate current ways of proving pure economic loss. Second, the economic effects of regulation on public contracts. Namely when public authorities use agreements procured by so-called Central Purchasing Bodies. The latter is part of the Sapere Aude Research Project Safeguarding competition and equal access to Central Purchasing Bodies’ agreements.

I’m also interested in questions of legal methodology and a member of the Research Group for Advanced Legal Methods  at the University of Copenhagen.

ID: 298431391