Staff at CIS - Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Adrian, Lin Associate Professor Conflict resolution. Head of UCPHs master in Conflict resolution Billede af Adrian, Lin
Asmussen, Ida Helene Associate Professor Conflict resolution Billede af Asmussen, Ida Helene
Elholm, Thomas Professor Legal Science with a focus on Criminal Law Billede af Elholm, Thomas
Hansen, Christian Estmann PhD Fellow Development Economics; Econometrics; Inclusive Growth; Economic Complexity; Structural Transformation Billede af Hansen, Christian Estmann
Holmberg, Lars Associate Professor Criminology. Head of Centre Billede af Holmberg, Lars
Johansen, Louise Victoria Associate Professor Legal anthropology Billede af Johansen, Louise Victoria
Laursen, Julie Associate Professor Billede af Laursen, Julie
Meinertz, Birgitte Lohse Research Secretary Research secretary for CIS, CLIMA and WELMA. PhD defence, doctoral defense and honorary doctorates. Team Research Support & Relations Billede af Meinertz, Birgitte Lohse
Petræus, Liva Louise Haag Student FU Billede af Petræus, Liva Louise Haag
Porsdam, Helle Professor Cultural Rights Billede af Porsdam, Helle
Rasmussen, Katrine Barnekow Assistant Professor Billede af Rasmussen, Katrine Barnekow
Schrøder-Hansen, Torkil PhD Fellow Billede af Schrøder-Hansen, Torkil
Taxhjelm, Frederik Rom PhD Fellow Billede af Taxhjelm, Frederik Rom
Vogt, Helle Professor Legal history Billede af Vogt, Helle