6 June 2023

Professor Helle Porsdam at 'Right to science roundtable' in Beirut, Lebanon

Professor Helle Porsdam in Beirut, Lebanon

On 27 May 2023, Professor Helle Porsdam participated in a UNESCO-Roundtable on “The Right to Science for an inclusive society in the Arab region.” This roundtable took place in Beirut, Lebanon at the sixth conference of the Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS) on Producing Critical Knowledge in the Arab Region.

The roundtable on “Right to Science for an Inclusive Society in the Arab regionaimed to reflect gaps, challenges and opportunities in promoting “Right to Science” in the Arab region by ensuring inclusive access to the benefits of scientific advancements, fostering the place of women in sciences, and guiding the establishment of sound policies in ethical issues in science, innovation and technology.

A brief video of the roundtable may be seen on Twitter or Facebook