Hjalte Osborn Frandsen

Hjalte Osborn Frandsen

PhD fellow

Current research

Hjalte is currently working on the PhD project titled: 

- Regulatory approaches for safeguarding current and future access to space

Outer Space is unfathomably vast and stretches out infinitely in all directions. Space might be infinite, but the sections of space surrounding our little globe containing the orbits useful for satellites are not. Recent technological developments have significantly decreased the cost of sending objects into space and has precipitated a sharp increase in the number of satellites set to launch in the next decade. The rapidly growing number of satellites increase risk of congestion, collisions and debris in the orbits closes to earth.

The PhD project investigates regulatory approaches for governing near-earth space to foster sustainable use of the space under the current conditions of increasing activities by private and public space actors. The project examines the major policy initiatives proposing legal frameworks or governance regimes for Space Traffic Management.

ID: 247673970